Bowe's Back

After holding out for almost two weeks, the Chiefs and first-round pick Dwayne Bowe have worked out a deal. Bowe should be here in River Falls this morning, although there probably won't be much work done the first week or so.

Actually, Bowe will probably spend most of the time up here on the sidelines, putting in work on his own. He may not even see the field until the Chiefs get back from their first preseason game against the Browns this weekend.

Although I expect Bowe to be in shape - he's had nothing but time - I don't think the Chiefs will be rushing him on the field. Obviously, he's been away for a while, and he's already had a hamstring issue this offseason which cost him some time in OTAs. Honestly, he's got time.

So far, none of the other wide receivers have stepped up and taken that second wide receiver spot. If Bowe can get on the field before the second preseason game and get some work done, he could challenge for that spot this season. The Chiefs need a playmaker opposite Eddie Kennison, and Bowe gives the Chiefs the best chance for that today. Everything has to go right, though - Bowe can't afford another setback.

Other than the basic plays out of the playbook, there are two things Bowe's going to have to work on to get on the field: motions and blitz reads.

Chiefs fans know what an integral part of the offense the motion schemes are. The Chiefs rarely finish where they line up, and it's absolutely vital that the wide receivers get where they need to be. Failure to do so can disrupt the timing of the offense, create confusion and force the Chiefs to use a lot more timeouts.

Of course, being able to diagnose blitzes and get on the same page as the quarterback is paramount. Hot reads are a quarterback's best friend. The receiver has to see the same thing that the quarterback sees, and then come to the same conclusion as to where to go. If they see different things, that means incomplete passes, or worse, interceptions.

If Bowe can show and prove on these issues and get himself into football shape in time, his extra two weeks of vacation will be quickly forgotten. It'll be number 82 that's lined up opposite Kennison at the beginning of the year, and if things work out for the Chiefs, it'll be 82 lined up out there for a long time. Top Stories