River Falls Recap – Monday, 8/6, AM Practice

Monday, August 6, 2007 - Morning practice, 9:08 AM - 10:30 AM


Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was nowhere to be seen at practice this morning.

Defensive tackle Alfonso Boone returned to practice today. He participated in every drill and started alongside Ron Edwards in KC's base defense. I didn't get an opportunity to watch him that closely, but it appeared he showed no ill effects from last week's hand injury.

Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham visited defensive line drills this morning to get an up close and personal look at his linemen. He appeared particularly interested in the rope drill, and after leaving, came back once more to have a private conversation with line coach Tim Krumrie.

The Chiefs flashed a 4-4 look in 11-on-11 drills, with Kendrell Bell lining up at left outside linebacker. Derrick Johnson and Napoleon Harris manned the middle with Donnie Edwards rounding out the group.

Will Svitek saw action at right tackle for the first time since I've been here. Chris Terry sat out practice.

Here's your linebacker depth chart, for now:

1. Derrick Johnson

2. Keyaron Fox

3. Brian Crum

1. Napoleon Harris

2. William Kershaw

3. Nate Harris (back on the field today)

1. Donnie Edwards

2. Kendrell Bell

3. Rich Scanlon


Kansas City's wide receivers didn't get much action today, but rookie Brad Ekwerekwu made an impressive play, hauling in an over the shoulder catch and beating linebacker Keyaron Fox for a 20-yard gain near the left sideline after running a drag route across the field.

Rookie Ean Randolph also made an impressive play, gaining about 25 yards on a pass from Damon Huard down the right sideline. Had the play come during a live game, however, safety Greg Wesley would have surely sent the receiver flying with a massive hit.

Jarrad Page nearly got himself an interception today. He was in position when Brodie Croyle fired high over the middle and the ball fell just beyond the reach of his outstretched hand.


Derrick Johnson. I watched the linebackers closely today and the third-year pro was all over the place. He was an inch from intercepting a pass on a short route over the middle, came screaming into the left flat to slap away a pass intended for Kris Wilson later, and knocked down another pass near the end of practice. When quarterbacks dumped the ball short, he was right there to make the tackle. The Chiefs didn't run the ball much this morning, so I'm eager to get another look at him this afternoon.

The Chiefs unwisely attempted to block Tamba Hali with tight ends during several plays today. The second-year defensive end went outside and blew past Keith Willis for a sack on one snap and then beat him inside and penetrated to disrupt another play. Later, he out-muscled Mike Pinkard and put some heat on the quarterback.


I'm still not seeing anything to get excited about from Kendrell Bell, especially when he plays rush end. Offensive tackle Herb Taylor didn't let him sniff a quarterback today, and when Bell lined up at left end, Kevin Sampson handled him easily, too. He just doesn't have a very quick first step, and once a lineman gets their hands on him it's over.


Never, ever doubt Priest Holmes folks. Today he was in pads, running through the car-wash drill and taking handoffs. Afterwards he spoke with the media. Check the board for some photos.


"Roll your hips! Don't be a skater! Penetration!" – Defensive line coach Tim Krumrie, enthusiastically working with his troops.

"What you doin' over there, six-nine? You only been at it for three minutes! You tired already?" – Head coach Herm Edwards, poking fun at Jared Allen.


Chris Bober, Jason Dunn, Priest Holmes, Tony Gonzalez, Chris Terry and Greg Hanoian sat out today. This is the third practice in a row Bober has missed.

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