Drum Beats - 8/6

It's official. Dwayne Bowe is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. He's not here yet, but he is a Chief. The line is he'll be here this afternoon, but I don't think we'll see him on the field for a while.

I am anxious to see where he's at conditioning-wise. Sometimes those big receivers get bigger when they're away for a while, but according to reports, he's been working pretty hard.

Observations from the AM practice:

Boomer Grigsby- Someday Boomer will be an outstanding fullback. He's still got a little bit of a ways to go, but he's improving by leaps and bounds. Grigsby's obviously not afraid of contact, which is a big part of blocking, and he drives his feet on blocks. I would say he needs to work on getting his hands inside and finishing blocks, but he'll get that.

He catches the ball well, as Nick's been saying, but it appears that on routes when has the face the quarterback and raise his inside elbow, it's not a natural motion for him. That should come with time. I haven't really seen him run the football yet, but if I see anything there, I'll let you know.

Benny Sapp - The Chiefs have been playing him on the outside quite a bit, which surprises me, because it was obvious in the past the Chiefs didn't want him on the outside. This training camp, he's been out there and doing a really good job. He's never been one to shy away from anything on the field, but you would think his size would be a barrier. That hasn't been the case.

The Vikings picked on him somewhat, with limited success, but he's showing those veteran tricks that allow him to deflect balls away at the point of contact. Sapp can run, and he's strong enough to redirect receivers, so maybe he can be successful on the outside. I think the Chiefs have gotten to the point where they need all their corners to be able to play outside and inside.

Brodie Croyle - SI's Peter King beat me to it, but there was some truth to what he said about Brodie Croyle. As good as I think Croyle's going to be, the Chiefs and the fans are going to have to give him some time. We really won't know about Croyle until after the first couple of preseason games.

Does he have a lively arm? Yes. Is he accurate? Yes. Under duress, will he make the right decisions? We don't know. The Croyle I saw today was patting the ball and struggled to find open guys. There were receivers downfield, and he's got to learn to trust himself to make the right decision. He's got the makings of a very good quarterback, but he's only in his second year. He needs time.

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