Drum Beats - 8/6 PM

Of course, by now everyone knows about left tackle Damion McIntosh's knee injury. I honestly didn't see exactly what happened, but I did see that he was unable to put weight on the knee at all once he got up.

The Chiefs plugged in Will Svitek and Herb Taylor in McIntosh's absence, and it looks like they'll be there for a while, so we'll have to keep an eye on their progress.


Tank Tyler - I've been a bit disappointed in what I've seen so far from the rookie defensive tackle. I've been here in River Falls three days, and it seems that he's either on the ground or turned sideways trying to get upfield. I felt bad for the guy going against Brian Waters, who absolutely stonewalled him.

I still think Tyler's the right fit for Kansas City, but it looks like it may take a little longer for him to get going. That's not the greatest news for the Chiefs, who need their defensive tackles to get going as soon as possible. Last season, the play of the interior of the line was a bit of a disappointment, and they're depending on the young players to play well immediately.


William Kershaw - Kershaw has been an excellent prospect at middle linebacker. He's a pretty fast guy and for a young guy, he never seems to find himself out of position. Kershaw's gotten his hands on a few balls and seems to find the right gaps in running plays. I think he'll be a nice reserve for the Chiefs.


Justin Phinisee - Phinisee's an interesting young prospect. Of course, he's been in KC's camp before, and couldn't stick on the roster, and that's probably the case now. He's made a few plays here and there. Since I've been here, Phinisee's intercepted more passes than anyone else. He did get victimized a few times today in practice, particularly in one-on-one's, but he's got nice physical tools.

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