River Falls Recap – Tuesday, 8/7, AM Practice

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 - Morning practice, 9:08 AM - 10:30 AM


Herm Edwards isn't afraid to get his hands – or his elbows – dirty. Today before practice he demonstrated the proper technique to be used during agility drills, getting down on the ground and rolling around. Ty Law, Napoleon Harris and Derrick Johnson followed suit.

Defensive line coach Tim Krumrie constantly teaches. Today he was instructing his players to line up appropriately in goal-line situations. He gives every player attention, from starter to backup, and makes sure to answer any questions when he's finished. Today he was again harping on the need for his linemen to stay out of the neutral zone - and he always makes sure to keep his big boys hydrated.

Chris Terry returned to practice today and started at right tackle.

Dwayne Bowe ran before practice, caught passes during one-on-one drills (although he didn't run routes) and caught some more from quarterback Jeff Terrell afterwards, wearing shoulder pads and a helmet. NFL Films was all over him, watching his every move.

Tight end Jason Dunn appears to be slowly working his way back into the lineup. He didn't practice, but afterwards worked with a blocking sled in shoulder pads and a helmet.

Will Shields is definitely retired, but he showed up today to watch his former team. Clad in a brown shirt and sporting a backpack, Shields even helped out guard Tre Stallings with his technique and hand use after practice. It's clear he misses the game, but don't believe any rumors of a comeback.

Safety Jarrad Page knocked his finger on a helmet today and had it wrapped in ice after practice. Head coach Herm Edwards said the injury was not serious.


Tight end Mike Pinkard keeps doing something to impress me every day. In 11-on-11 drills just before the conclusion of practice he raced down the middle of the field and made an over the shoulder, 20-yard touchdown catch in the back of the end zone, getting his feet down before stepping out of bounds. Brodie Croyle threw a rocket.

Eddie Kennison receives limited reps every day, but he's still got it. Today he beat safety John McGraw on a deep corner route, gaining about 35 yards on another fine pass from Croyle. I don't think the veteran has lost anything this year.

Speaking of veterans, Ty Law made another interception today. It wasn't all that spectacular, but it reminded me of his first pick in the playoff game last season. Today he just settled into the flat near the end zone and waiting for Damon Huard to make the error before smoothly catching the ball and heading the other way.

Derrick Johnson flashed in 11-on-11 drills today. With the offense backed up near the goal line and trying to run the ball, the third-year linebacker penetrated the line of scrimmage and muscled his way to running back Michael Bennett, stopping him for a loss.


Will Svitek replaced Damion McIntosh with the first-team offense, but the Chiefs rotated Kyle Turley and Herb Taylor in at times. By far, I thought Svitek was the most impressive. He moved the pile consistently in the run game (he's by far the strongest player of the three) and did a solid job in pass protection, apart from one play where Kendrell Bell got under his pads and drove his way into Brodie Croyle's face. On one play Svitek identified his man correctly in blitz pickup and neutralized Derrick Johnson, and I was very impressed when the Chiefs ran the ball on another snap and he drove defensive end Jared Allen completely out of the play, almost knocking him down.

Jarrad Page continues to look like a player that opposing quarterbacks will need to be wary of this season. Almost every time I see a Chiefs quarterback throw his way, he makes them regret it. Like yesterday, he blanketed Tony Gonzalez on another corner route in today's practice. Brodie Croyle's pass was nowhere near the tight end thanks to Page's tight coverage.


Offensive coordinator Mike Solari wasn't pleased with his offense at all today. After a lackluster walkthrough session early in practice, he gathered his players around and chewed them all out. The Chiefs have been a little sluggish the past two days and Solari apparently wasn't happy about it. The good news is that after their tongue-lashing, the offense had an extremely violent session of 9-on-7's with the defense. They got the message.


Priest Holmes donned a helmet and shoulder pads after practice today and caught passes from quarterback Jeff Terrell again. Then he joined teammate Jason Dunn on the blocking sled.


"We used to do this s**t in pop warner. And that's why we're here today." – Defensive end Jared Allen, offering his take on "roll" drills.

"Hit him on the f***ing chin and knock his head back! That's your goal for the day." – Defensive line coach Tim Krumrie, assigning his linemen a task.

"I'm telling you guys, if you hit a man like that, he's gonna cut you down! You gotta HIT him! Stop leaning! Murphy! Hit the damn ball!" – Krumrie, exhorting his troops to carry out the proper technique during cut block drills.

"We've got to get better. Individually and collectively, get your head outta your ass! Let's go!" – Offensive coordinator Mike Solari, disgusted with his players after walkthroughs.

"Aw Benny, get that pick, baby. You gotta make plays!" – linebacker Donnie Edwards, encouraging cornerback Benny Sapp after he just missed an interception.


Jason Dunn, Priest Holmes, Greg Hanoian, Chris Bober, Gilbert Harris, Dwayne Bowe and David Hicks sat out practice this morning.

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