RECAP - Browns 16, Chiefs 12

Saturday night the Kansas City Chiefs visited the Cleveland Browns, losing 16-12 due to a special teams breakdown. The good guys had a chance to win the game in the final seconds, but a bad snap ended any hope of victory.

This was a game that made you scratch your head if you're a Chiefs fan. The offense wasn't good at all, but the defense was good for four quarters. Meanwhile, KC's punter, snapper and kicker had a great game, but an 82-yard kickoff return with less than two minutes to go ruined the evening.

The Good:

1. LB Derrick Johnson - The addition of Napoleon Harris and Donnie Edwards has already made DJ far more physical than he was the last two seasons. The way he took on blockers, shed them aside and then made the tackle last night was impressive. That's important, because Edwards will spend most of his time on the field in coverage. That means Johnson will be free to move up the line of scrimmage.

2. LB William Kershaw - I could devote this entire article to the linebackers because I believe this Chiefs team is six deep at the position. The second-year kid from Maryland was all over the field. He missed the quarterback on a clean blitz, but he'll convert that play in time. He was all over the field and he never stopped his motor. The same goes for Keyaron Fox, who had one of his better games as a Chief.

3. CB Dimitri Patterson - This is another bubble guy who was excellent in pass coverage and even better in run support. Benny Sapp made a big play with his fumble return, but I think Patterson has better coverage skills. He's in a battle with veteran Will Poole, who was outstanding on special teams.

4. RB Michael Bennett - Larry Johnson better sign soon, because Bennett had a solid game. I was impressed with his patience and power. He's been impressive in training camp, and honestly his attitude has been refreshing. He knows this is LJ's job whenever he returns, so as he says he's just keeping the position warm. Bennett is red hot right now, so either way the position is deep.

5. DE Jared Allen - The Chiefs are going to miss him the first two weeks. He was a man among boys last night, and though he got beat on a reverse, he was stellar in his first quarter of work. We saw this in training camp and it's good to see it continue in live action.

The Bad

1. QB Brodie Croyle - It wasn't a good debut for the young gunslinger. He threw a horrible interception after Michael Bennett was held on a screenplay. Instead of throwing the ball into Lake Erie, he dumped it off in the flat. It was a mistake he should learn from, but his outside tackles didn't do him any favors. Both Croyle and Damon Huard didn't have much time to throw.

2. QB Damon Huard - He wasn't much better, and just looked uncomfortable playing with the second team. He kept adjusting his pads, and I wonder if he's was bothered with an injury. Still, he didn't lay claim to the top job. Either way, this team needs to get one of these two quarterbacks into a groove before the start of the season.

3. LT Will Svitek - He was schooled far too often against and a Browns pass rush that really hasn't been all that great the last couple of years. Svitek needs to use his strength - he has to get more leverage on pass rushing ends. He has the tools and size, but not the experience. With Damion McIntosh out until at least the Chicago game, Svitek needs to show something before the regular season.

4. DT James Reed - Reed was among the worst defensive linemen on the field Saturday night. He missed a sure sack because he didn't finish the play and the Browns were able to extend a drive and get three points. That can't happen in the regular season. Alfonso Boone didn't play, but I think Reed has a long battle to make this team.

5. Special Teams - I'll limit this segment to the fourth-quarter kickoff coverage breakdown. There's no excuse for that kind of play because most, if not all the guys on the field, were fighting for jobs. When Edwards looks at that play, he'll find far too many of players that didn't give it their all seconds after the Chiefs took the lead on Justin Medlock's 42-yard field goal.

Honorable Mention:

1. P Dustin Colquitt - Another solid performance. If he's not an All-Pro punter this season, the voting is rigged.

2. RB Derrick Ross - Had some nice runs, and I would have liked to see him take more snaps. He did move ahead of Marcus O'Keith on the depth chart, and made a terrific block trying to protect quarterback Casey Printers in the third quarter.

3. DT Tank Tyler - He was a big reason the linebackers were so effective in pass coverage last night. After a slow start in camp, he's really playing at a high level. I think he starts this year, with Boone relegated to backup duty.

4. LB Nick Reid - He made some special teams tackles and also made some plays in the middle of the defense. I like his attitude. He's a long shot to make this roster, but he never gives up on any play and that's what you want from every player. He had a far better game than Rich Scanlon.

5. CB Michael Bragg - Solid performance by Bragg on defense, breaking up a couple of fourth-quarter pass attempts and also forcing a missed field goal in the last five minutes. The Chiefs love his speed, and he's perfect to come off the corner on special teams. With his athleticism he'll block a kick at some point this season, if he makes the final roster.

6. K Justin Medlock - Major props to the young UCLA kicker. He did the job under pressure, and it should have been the game winner. His short kickoff didn't help, and that's something he'll learn. Top Stories