Drum Beats: Regular Season, Here We Come

Before I get started, I watched last night's game on television, and I've had enough. I know it's preseason, and maybe the TV studios aren't fully prepared, but gentlemen, show the game. That's why everyone's watching.

It's been going on all over the NFL, and for a sport where anything can happen on any play, you've got to show the game. Not extended face time with the booth. Not late replays from the director. I like replays, but I like the game even more, and given the choice, I'd rather watch the next play than the last. Thanks.

The Chiefs are heading in the right direction. Believe that. The defense is better than it's been in years. It's been tough to look at sometimes, but it is. The Chiefs have playmakers all over the field, and once they start to unveil more of the complete scheme, they'll be better. The offense will improve. They've got a couple of playmakers on that side of the ball, too.

The Chiefs are putting together a pretty good team, so the question isn't whether or not the Chiefs are heading in the right direction. It's how long it will take them to get where they're going.

From the looks of the preseason, it may take awhile.

It's not the record. Hey, 0-4 is bad, but it is the preseason. I don't think the Chiefs did any game planning at all. Not even for the New Orleans Saints, which virtually every fan would have liked to have seen, and that's kind of disappointing. Why? Because it was clear the Saints game planned for the Chiefs. They attacked every perceived weakness they could, and you don't do that by accident. That takes film study.

Like I said, I know it's the preseason, but I'm not seeing any fire, and no matter what anyone tells you, that's not the sort of thing you turn on and off. There are a lot of young players out on the field in key positions, and maybe they haven't found it yet, but they better find it, fast. The Chiefs have made the commitment to winning, and they've got to get off to a fast start. They have two road games right off the bat. One of them is against a team that, despite their meager records over the last couple of years, has all the tools to beat the Chiefs. The other is against the defending NFC champions.

So far, going into the regular season, there's not much for the fans to be real confident about. The best player on the team has been the punter, and as good as he is, that's not what you want. The kicker is struggling, and with the way the Chiefs play close to the vest, that's bad news. The Chiefs named a starting quarterback that, as good as he was last season, hasn't had the opportunity to get much work.

It's too early to pronounce the Chiefs dead - heck the season hasn't even started. But they've still got a long way to go and, while they're working out the kinks, may not be that fun to watch.

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