Drum Beats: McIntosh Back?

The Kansas City Chiefs can rest a little easier. Right now left tackle Damion McIntosh is questionable, and it looks like he may be able to play once the Chiefs line up against the Houston Texans Sunday.

The question of whether or not he'd be ready for the season after spraining his knee in training camp this summer had been dogging the team for weeks. Now that the answer's been found, there comes another question: How much will McIntosh be able to play?

He'll need to be brought along slowly, to get his football legs back. He's been able to get some conditioning work in with his rehab, but as everyone's been saying all summer, there's a difference between being in shape and being in football shape, especially when you weigh over 300 pounds.

Expect to see McIntosh on Sunday, but don't be surprised if he comes out for extended periods, and that's if he starts at all.


Speaking of being brought along slowly, so will running back Larry Johnson, but the Chiefs will probably give him a little more leash. The issue there is you don't want him to get hurt because of his conditioning. Not being in football shape may make him more susceptible to injury, and that's not a chance they're willing to take. The Chiefs were planning to split carries between LJ and Michael Bennett all year, but for the next game or two, the carries will be more in Bennett's favor.


The team elected team captains today - Brian Waters on offense, Donnie Edwards on defense and safety Jon McGraw on special teams. No surprises there, except maybe for Kansas State alum McGraw, but he's been a stabilizer on special teams and in the defensive backfield, even though he's a reserve. McGraw's veteran presence has been a boon to the young safeties, Jarrad Page and Bernard Pollard.


Whispers in the locker room are that wide receiver Bobby Sippio has been an absolute beast in practice. He's catching everything, and his size makes him a handful for the team's defensive backs. Nick Athan hears that Sippio may be promoted to the active roster soon, possibly at the expense of Samie Parker. If he continues to develop, Sippio could really round out the bottom of the wide receiver corps. He would definitely see the field.


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