Drum Beats: Around Arrowhead

Heck, I'm calling it. When we see the Kansas City Chiefs hit the field against the Houston Texans, I think we're going to see an aggressive defense. I have a feeling those guys are going to get after it, early and often. Everyone on the defense was way too excited today.

The Texans are fielding a relatively inexperienced quarterback behind a questionable offensive line. They had some success this preseason, but I'm not totally buying it, and I don't think the Chiefs are, either. Defensively, the team knows they need to stop the run. Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is known for running misdirection plays and bootlegs, and the only way those plays can be successful is in combination with an effective running game. If the Chiefs can stall the Texans on the ground, they'll be able to have their way with them.


In yesterday's Drum Beats, I quoted Herm Edwards:

"If we're going to head that way, we need to head that way. We can't chicken out, and say, ‘Oh we're getting scared now.' No, don't get scared. Understand the vision, don't let the obstacles scare you. And that's what we're trying to do."

Edwards was speaking about the young players on the roster and how the team is committed to them. There's another component to that. The Chiefs will continue to bring guys in - they always do - just to see who's out there if someone gets hurt, or doesn't pan out. Don't expect to see them push one of the younger players out unless the new guy is someone the Chiefs really, really like.

I think that's one of the major reasons we haven't seen them move on Byron Leftwich and some of other veterans who have found their way onto the streets. That, and there are reasons why these guys aren't on a team that the rest of us don't know.


If were a betting man I'd say that Tony Gonzalez is poised to have a big day. He's healthy, having had a pretty uneventful offseason, and on the field he and quarterback Damon Huard have had chemistry the last year or so. When Huard filled in for an injured Trent Green last season, he and Gonzalez hooked up quite a few times. The Texans are definitely putting eight in the box to stop running back Larry Johnson. With one of those safeties lurking at the line of scrimmage, Gonzalez should have room to move around and make plays.


Several of his teammates feel kicker Justin Medlock will be just fine come Sunday. Medlock's had a case of the yips lately, and admitted he was struggling somewhat with his mechanics as a result of over thinking. After a week of work, he feels he's gotten it worked out and he's good to go.

"You shouldn't be thinking of anything mechanical," said Medlock. "You should be trusting your swing, and swing through. That's the thing you should do in any sport, in golf or anything, if a guy starts thinking too much before his swing, he's bound to mess up. This whole week, I just cleared my brain, to just go out there and swing like I normally do."

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