Can't Score? Won't Win

It's obvious the Chiefs and Texans are heading in different directions. Sunday's season opener wasn't a pretty game, to say the least, but ultimately the Texans made far more plays and won.

I could start almost everywhere, with the exception of the defense, who played well enough to win with the exception of one play when Bernard Pollard bit too hard on a play fake. It should be noted he also saved a touchdown in the third quarter.

The fault for this loss lies squarely on the offense. I'm not sure what the game plan was Sunday. It was all over the place. The first drive was a thing of beauty until the end, when rookie kicker Justin Medlock missed a gimme putt that could have given his team a huge boost.

It didn't help when veteran wide receiver Eddie Kennison went down on first play. He tweaked a hamstring and should be sidelined for at least two or three games. A young and inexperienced group of wide receivers had to step up. They didn't.

To be honest, everyone saw this coming in the preseason. There is plenty of blame to go around, including the coaching staff. The Chiefs were in the red zone twice, but didn't give the ball to their best player – running back Larry Johnson.

This is offensive coordinator Mike Solari's second year on the job. Johnson needs the rock. If it's first-and-goal from the 10 or 15-yard line, you give the ball to the man who has the best chance to score a touchdown.

The Chiefs can't put the game in the hands of quarterback Damon Huard – at least not until he has a few more starts under his belt. He was anything but sharp after the first drive of the game.

His offensive line wasn't the culprit. In fact, the veteran group for the most part held their ground. Again, it was the receivers.

Tony Gonzalez, Jeff Webb and Kris Wilson made costly drops that either ended drives or gave up points. Wilson's fumble in the third quarter was a back breaker. I'm not convinced he's the right lead blocker for this offense.

The Texans ran the ball the way the Chiefs should have all game long. The fact that Kansas City doesn't have a true fullback to lead the way like Houston does, means this team can't play smash mouth football – at least not yet.

If the offense doesn't return to its roots soon, one thing is certain - the defense will continue to wear out in the fourth quarter when virtually every NFL game is won. That equates to few wins this season.

Five to Note:
1. QB Damon Huard - The effects of his leg injury reared their ugly head on Sunday. He wasn't sharp, to say the least, and he never went downfield except on Dwayne Bowe's circus catch. Huard's lack of mobility is a huge concern. He'll be a sitting duck this season if the Chiefs continue to play from behind. I'm not saying his understudy would have been any better, but Edwards has a right to think about starting Brodie Croyle next week in Chicago.

2. K Justin Medlock - I'm going to give him a pass on the first kick of his NFL career. Jean-Phillipe Darche delivered a poor snap. The ball was bulleted to holder Dustin Colquitt, who couldn't turn the laces around. He redeemed himself in the fourth quarter, but I think the Chiefs would be wise to bring in veteran kicker Jon Carney as insurance this week. Maybe the team can carry two kickers.

3. WR Samie Parker - Sunday might have been the best game of his career. While everyone else on the roster was dropping passes, he converted every opportunity save one. I think wide receivers coach Charlie Joiner has finally has gotten through to Parker. What I saw him do against the Texans was make sure he secured the ball first before going up the field, and that's a sign of maturity. With Eddie Kennison out for at least a couple of weeks, Parker has to step up, though I expect the Chiefs to promote Arena League star Bobby Sippio or bring back Rod Gardner on Monday.

4. CB Benny Sapp - I've been on him all offseason, and I just don't see him being any more than a special teams player. He doesn't have the raw instincts you need to play cornerback, and I don't want him returning kicks. Why Kansas City has two guys back on kickoffs I just don't understand. Eddie Drummond needs to get his hands on every ball he can. Sapp's lack of ability to play bump and run coverage make him a liability. He can't play 10 yards off the ball on third down and move up on a receiver. He has no closing speed to the ball. This is an area that will be an issue all season long. There just isn't any experienced or playmaking depth at the cornerback position, but the Chiefs have little choice to use Sapp with Patrick Surtain's pending shoulder injury.

5. DT Alfonso Boone - The best part of KC's defense Sunday was free agent tackle Alfonso Boone. He made consecutive plays to end the first half when he sacked Texans quarterback Matt Schaub and then stuffed Ahman Green. When Jared Allen comes back in two weeks, Boone should look even more effective. Top Stories