Drum Beats: Sippio Gets His Chance

Opportunity didn't just knock for Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Bobby Sippio. It kicked down the door. Head coach Herm Edwards announced today that Sippio has been promoted to the active roster to replace injured starter Eddie Kennison.

After a failed stint with the Miami Dolphins, Sippio spent the last four years playing arena football, the last couple of seasons as a standout for the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League. Sippio was invited to tryout for the team when rookie free agent Marlon Price went down with a collarbone injury. He came in and impressed the team so much they had to keep him - first keeping him on the active roster, then placing him on the practice squad. Mere weeks later, Kennison hurts his hamstring and Sippio's the next guy in line to pick up the slack.

Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards is expecting good things from the young wideout.

"He has great hands," said Edwards. "The thing I've learned, and I've been taught by coaches, is that the number one thing you have to do as a wide receiver is catch the ball. That's a true statement. and he can catch the ball. He's a very strong guy. He's a very physical guy - he can go inside. He's a little bit like Bowe. He can go inside and catch the ball. He's fearless. He'll get hit and hold on to the football."

Sippio had a great camp - good enough to make the team when he was supposed to be camp fodder - but can he make a difference this year? His Arena League experience may help him. The field is compressed, forcing a receiver to concentrate even harder to look the ball in. He's likely going to get an opportunity on Sunday to get in the game, so the question becomes is he going to make a play.

"Most of the time in this league most passes are contested," said Edwards. "You're in tight quarters when you have to catch the ball unless the coverage is blown. A quarterback understands that, and that's why a quarterback is always looking for a spot – a little window to throw it in. When he throws it there you have to hold onto it and this is what this kid can do.

Edwards has plenty of confidence in his newest receiver. Of course, he's got no choice - there aren't many receivers left. There probably isn't any help coming, so Sippio's got to hold it down.

"It'll be interesting to see how he reacts when he gets in the game," said Edwards. "He did well in the pre-season. I don't think it will be too big for him. It's his personality, and the way that he carries himself. He's over here today studying film with Eddie [Kennison]. You're talking about a guy that's from the Arena League. We bring him over here and now he's up."

He's up. He's getting his chance. Now he's got to try to stick around.

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