Drum Beats: Bears? Oh My!

It's over. Done. The Kansas City Chiefs have no shot against the Chicago Bears. Right? The Chiefs couldn't get it done against the Houston Texans, how could they possibly match up against the defending NFC Champs?

It's an uphill climb for sure, especially after seeing how the Bears manned up against the Chargers on their own field. The Bears may have lost last week, but they went down swinging, holding the NFL's best running back to 25 yards on 17 carries. In fact, if they'd had an answer for Antonio Gates, the Bears would have been in a position to win the game.

After watching the Bears play the Chargers last week, I can't say the Chiefs have much of a chance to win the game, unless they play an absolutely flawless game, and even that might not be enough. The Bears aggressive Cover 2 defense may not be the biggest, but they get after it.

The Chiefs will need to establish the run, easier said than done obviously, and try to find some opportunities in the passing game. With Kennison out, the pressure falls to Dwayne Bowe, Samie Parker and Jeff Webb. History tells us the team may be in trouble. Kennison has been the team's stabilizer in the passing game for a while.


Cornerback Patrick Surtain practiced today, so if things continue the way they are, he'll be starting against the Bears on Sunday. Good thing, too. With two young cornerbacks still learning the ropes, the Chiefs need their veteran starters on the field.

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