Notable quotes from Chiefs players and coaches following Sunday's loss to the Chicago Bears.

Herm Edwards:

"Special teams was big for them, and not very good for us."

"When you play a team like this you have to keep fighting. But we couldn't put enough points on the board. It's a matter of playing the game out."

"He's going to be a good football player. That's why we drafted him." – On Dwayne Bowe.

"We're not kicking him the ball again after we scored." – On Devin Hester.

"I thought he did a good job, especially the one going up the rail." – On Brodie Croyle.

"We thought we had some one-on-one match-ups that we thought we could make a big play." – Edwards, explaining his decision to throw down the field on third-and-one late in the game.

"It's not going to be one unless you guys talk about. I got to look at the tape." – Addressing a question about a potential quarterback controversy.

"You don't want to get into a passing game because they can rush you. You try to stick with the run and hit a big play. Sometimes it was pretty, sometimes it wasn't."

"I know what I'm dealing with here. We're trying to build something and we're in a transition."

Derrick Johnson:

"I've been working hard at rushing the passer. They need to know that #56 is coming of the edge."

"We did a pretty good job as a defense. We wanted to keep the game close in the fourth quarter."

"You can see what kind of character this team has with the way we played Chicago. Our heads are not down."

Dwayne Bowe:

"It was a remarkable throw by Damon Huard. It was supposed to be a hitch route but I came up with the ball. It's not drawn up that way." – On his second-quarter touchdown.

"My job is to catch the ball no matter where it's at."

"It's great running out there with some of the old guys. The speed of the game is slowing down."

"We're slowly progressing to becoming a great team. We need to regroup next week at home."

Larry Johnson

"We just have to work on getting better in the red zone and scoring points."

"I think we made OK decisions. There are things we can do better. The defense turned the ball over to us three times and we have to put points on the board."

"All running backs want the ball. If it's third-and-30, we all want the ball."

"It's only two games, and we have 14 to go. We haven't hit our division yet."

"Whoever is in there, it doesn't mater to me. We have to catch the ball."

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