Drum Beats: Chicago Grades

Chiefs fans can feel better about their team this week, but Kansas City still lost, 20-10, to the Chicago Bears in a hard-fought game. Ultimately, a couple of big Devin Hester returns were the difference between victory and defeat.

Well, that and a Chiefs offense that was anemic at times. The defense came up with some opportunities, but largely the offense couldn't capitalize. Chicago turned the ball over three times (two interceptions and a fumble), but Kansas City turned those gifts into only three points. An end-zone interception and a blocked field goal robbed the Chiefs of 10 points.

Pass Offense

Chiefs Quarterback Line: 23/32, 211 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 1 Interception

Quarterback Damon Huard didn't have a bad game, but it wasn't a great game, either. It was exactly the sort of game the Chiefs want Huard to play. He did a nice job of managing the game, even when things were looking pretty bleak, but ultimately succumbed to the hits he took. The receivers were up and down. Rookie Dwayne Bowe got a touchdown in his first start in place of injured veteran Eddie Kennison. Jeff Webb led all receivers with four catches for 59 yards, but dropped a pass.

Grade: D

Kansas City made some plays through air and limited mistakes, but couldn't make a huge impact in the game. Huard's lone interception off a tipped ball in the endzone was a killer.

Run Offense

Chiefs Running Back Line: 24 Carries, 70 Yards, 2.9 Yards Per Carry, 0 Touchdowns

Once again, the Chiefs failed to run for 100 yards. The only reason they aren't getting an F is because the score dictated the Chiefs pass the ball more in the second half. The Bears keyed against the run, and were able to limit Kansas City's effectiveness on the ground. Unfortunately, the run is at the core of KC's offensive philosophy.

Grade: D-

Michael Bennett's two fumbles are inexcusable, even if the Chiefs only lost one.

Pass Defense

Bears Quarterback Line: 20/34, 132 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 2 Interceptions

Overall, the Chiefs did a decent job of limiting Rex Grossman's effectiveness. Except for a couple of drives where the Bears found a rhythm, the Chiefs were able to harass Grossman, throwing him off balance. Linebacker Derrick Johnson got to Grossman twice, Napoleon Harris got to him once, and the Chiefs came up with a pair of interceptions. Safety Bernard Pollard has a rough first half, missing a couple of tackles and finding himself out of position.

Grade: C

The Chiefs harassed Grossman and got him out of his comfort zone, but he did make some plays downfield. He spread the ball around, finding nine different receivers, including tackle John St. Clair.

Run Defense

Bears Running Back Line: 29 Carries 107 Yards 3.7 Yards Per Carry 0 Touchdowns

Running back Cedric Benson ran for 101 yards and averaged 4.2 yards every time he touched the football.

Grade: D-

Special Teams

Special teams were the difference in the game. The Chiefs allowed two big returns that led directly to Chicago points and had a field goal blocked. The Bears field one of the league's best units, and it showed. The Chiefs had penalties at the worst of times and didn't execute both in the kicking and coverage games. Simply, they didn't show up.

Grade: F

Stat Of The Day

Damon Huard had one interception, and it killed the game. The Chiefs were almost guaranteed at least three points as they approached Chicago's end zone, behind two scores in the game with just over six minutes left. It was a bad break, but turning the ball over at that point was the last thing the team needed. The Chiefs were in the game until that point.

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