Quotes of the Game

Quotes from players and coaches following Kansas City's 30-16 win over the San Diego Chargers.

Herm Edwards

"We talked about our will. Don't let the perception become reality. At times it didn't look good and eventually we made some big pass plays."

"He got hit a bunch and he completed some passes." – on QB Damon Huard.

"I understand where they're at right now. We've worked out way out." – on San Diego's 1-3 record.

"They're not where we'd like them to be." - on his defense.

"He's going to start." – on Dwayne Bowe's next game, with the possible return of Eddie Kennison.

"We had to do a better job of adjusting our game plan. The players bought into it."

"You just had a feeling, the way this division is. After four games we're a .500 team. We're not close to where we need to be."

"You put it in the hands of players who can make plays." – on Huard's touchdown pass to Bowe.

"Good teams never quit."

Dwayne Bowe

"It's time for the Dwayne Bowe show."

"Third and eleven and the play was a slant. The guy had good leverage on me but Damon put the ball in my hands and I was off to the races." – on his touchdown.

"This league is exciting. They're running faster than I expected and I'm starting to catch up to it." – on the speed of the NFL.

"I know I'm young, but when I'm on the field I don't think anyone can cover me."

"We need to extend the lead even more." – on KC's standing within the division.

Derrick Johnson

"We knew this was going to big a big game. We just kept playing."

"That's what you get into this league. You can't listen to opinions." – on those who said the game was over at halftime.

"It was a simple route of me coming off the edge. It wasn't pretty but I got the ball out." – on his fourth-quarter sack and strip.

"Our defense played big time in the second half. If you want to be a great defense you have to make plays and score."

"We have to stay humble, we have a lot of teams to play."

Damon Huard

"We kept our composure. In the second half we got Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez, our playmakers, the ball."

"With Tony you put the ball to the pylon and let him go and make a play." – on his third-quarter touchdown pass.

Norv Turner

"The first half of the game went very much like I expected. We gave them opportunities with two turnovers in the first half. In the third quarter we didn't give ourselves the opportunity to finish them off."

LaDanian Tomlinson

"The first four weeks we did a lot of talking. I think now we're 1-3 we have to stop talking and start playing football."

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