Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Herm's Plan

We've got to look back to training camp and all the preseason games. Herm had kind of painted us a picture that a lot of people thought we were going be in the cellar in the AFC West basement and the San Diego Chargers already had their Super Bowl tickets ready to go for Arizona.

It looks like the good guys came out on top. It felt good to get a win there, I guess that's the first time we've won there since I've been here.

Man, it was fun, the plane ride back was electric, all the guys were kind of pumped up and it was one of those things we worked for. It was kind of like a climactic moment. We had practiced all week and knew kind of their weaknesses and what we could do well. Dwayne Bowe really exploded. Tony got his 62nd touchdown catch as a tight end and we had a lot of awesome moments.

But Bowe is a big time receiver. He was in college and he's made a good transition to the NFL. It did take him a little while, but when you miss a little bit of camp like he did it's going to take a couple weeks to warm up and that's exactly what he got done. He's getting in games and catching balls, and it's tough to see how he makes some of these catches. Damon, first of all, is putting it right where Dwayne's going to catch it, or nobody's going to catch the ball.

I think you saw yesterday that once he gets the ball and he gets a little lead on you, you're not going to catch him either. This is something I don't think we've had in a while in Kansas City and we're just waiting now for Eddie Kennison to get back and we've got both those guys along with Tony Gonzalez, and obviously Kris Wilson and some other receivers. We're going to be tough to stop once Eddie gets back and Dwayne keeps doing what he's doing.

I wish I could have watched more of the game as it was going on. I do every now and again. There's big plays, and it's fun because I get to watch all week and see these plays that we work on all week, just to use in certain circumstances in a game, and that's really fun for me to watch.

The coaches say "if they do this, if they mess up and cover one of our guys here, we're going to do that," and that happened a number of times in the game, where exactly how we planned it out during the week, it happened during the game. That's one of those things that you can really appreciate because that's a lot of the reasons why special teams is set up. They have a good return guy, they have good guys holding up our gunners, so whenever we can make a big play on special teams that's a big deal.

Most of the game I do spend just following the offense, wherever they are, where my punt's going to be from, if I can put all my energy into it or take off a little bit. Yesterday it was fun because it was really important for us to get back to 2-2, and some of the plays we worked on all week paid off in the game.

I think it's a big thing that we left San Diego with a win and getting back to .500. Now we have these next two games at home, which is always great with our crowd. It's tough to win in Arrowhead whether you're from the east coast, west coast or you have the NFC Pro Bowl team coming in. It's tough to win at Arrowhead, period.

That's really going to help us out although Jacksonville's a great team and we've had some great games with them in the past two years. Cincinnati, we've got to avenge that loss from the first game of last year. Then we have a big game in Oakland, so we're going to have to put it together. These two games at home are going to be big for us, we're going to have to use the crowd to our advantage. It's going to be fun.

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