Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Back to Work

Clearly we were disappointed with the outcome of Sunday's game. It was one of those weeks where Jacksonville came in and we knew they were going to have fresh legs.

They came in off of a bye, and last year we beat them when it mattered, we beat them to secure a playoff spot, and I think they came in with a vengeance on their mind and got the best of us that day.

It was a big let down knowing that if we had come back and won another game after the San Diego game we would have been in the driver's seat of our division, so it does hurt a lot.

I just think it was one of those things where it was a real short little chip-shot and sometimes you kind of take advantage of it being a little one and you don't have as much focus. I think he just kind of missed it. Simple as that.

That was huge, I think it killed our momentum, but then again you watch games and there are a lot of teams that come back from little deflators like that. With Dallas last night, Tony Romo had five interceptions and a fumble, and all these things happened and they got over the hump and ended up winning that game. We've got to be able to come back, play defense, get them to punt to us and get back and score again. You can't just put it all on one play of the game.

I enjoy the punting, that's why they brought me up here to Kansas City, just to kind of keep us in good field position while we work on our game plan and strategize against their defense. I love being active – if it was my call I'd punt 10 times a game. What it does is it kind of mentally wears on you. You're preparing every second and third down for a possible punt, so once you get over that five, six punts a game you get a little tired.

But then again it's fun to feel like you're involved and have something to do with the game. I always tell everybody I wish I had a terrible game and we won instead of punting pretty well and we don't win. That's the big thing – W's and L's – and we've got to start winning some football games.

Right now we've got to see if Damon's healthy and get Brodie Croyle in a position to thrive in. I think he's going to do well once he does get that opportunity if it's this week. With a whole week of preparation he knows he's going to be the guy this week, so I think he's going to do exceptional. He's a great quarterback, and he's always in the film room trying to learn new things.

Cincinnati has a very good defense - everybody in the NFL is capable of playing well at any given time. Regardless of their record being 1-3 we've got to get ready for the deep threat of Carson Palmer and obviously two of the best receivers in the league, TJ Houshmandzadeh (or who's your mama) and Chad Johnson. Those are two great guys who complement each other and Rudi Johnson is their running back. Those three threats are something we're really going to have to watch on defense.

On special teams I've got to put us in good position, Dave's got to hit his field goals and kick the ball deep in the end zone. This time we really have to adjust defensively and make sure that offense doesn't start clicking against us. At home, we've got to get back to .500 and then start getting out of the hole.

You know I was thinking today that College football has been crazy, but the NFL has been the same way this year. Every year it seems like the AFC West winner has 12 or 14 wins under their belt going into the playoffs, and this year it's not that way. It's a lot more even and it kind of resembles the NFC teams going into the playoffs as of late, with your 8-8 New York Giants getting into the playoffs last year.

I don't know if there was a 7-9 team, but you see the New York Giants going 8-8 and making the playoffs and Herm said this the other day – in the AFC West to get into the playoffs you might only have to be 9-7 or 10-6. It doesn't look like there's going to be a clear cut 14-2, 12-4 team this year, so it's one of those things where we have to keep our heads up and remember hey, we lost three games but we still have a chance to win nine or 10 football games and be able to win our division.

Anyway, it's back to work for the team today. I'll see you next week. Thanks for reading Colquitt's Coffin Corner. Top Stories