Drum Beats: Transitional Phase

It appears as if all the good feelings the Kansas City Chiefs had built up the last couple of weeks have fallen away. It seemed they had turned the corner after a rocky start, but the Jacksonville Jaguars showed the Chiefs have a long way to go.

Actually, excuse me while I gush for a minute, but the Jaguars did a fantastic job of coming into a hostile environment and executing their gameplan to perfection. It was a clinic. Ironically, they used the Chiefs' own formula to win - run the football, don't turn the ball over and steal the other team's offensive soul with relentless defense. Hope the home team was paying attention.


Let's face it, the Chiefs aren't necessarily rebuilding, but they are in a transitional period in the franchise's existence. When Herm Edwards arrived, offensively the team was declining, and defensively, they were a mess. Technically, we're in year two of the "soft rebuild," and it's time the Chiefs community started to recognize that.

That means it's time to get real, Kansas City. This team could win the division, but it's not ready to compete with the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots of the NFL. They'll make strides and have some success, but you're only hurting yourself if you expect more from this team. The woes facing this team offensively (irregular line play, impatient running backs) will continue to undermine this team, and only some help from outside (or a serious turnaround) is going to get this team back on track.

I'm not sure how long it'll take the team to get out of the offensive funk. The Chiefs have had success in the passing game, but as they've shown it's not enough and the offensive coaches haven't figured out how to help out the team with the proper game plan.


Looks like Warpaint Illustrated favorite Boomer Grigsby will actually get to play some fullback this week. Good luck to him, he's got the ability and the desire to be a good player, so I actually expect him to be successful. He's just got to learn the intricacies of who to pick up and when.


Don't fret too much about the defense falling from third to 10th. Sure, they gave up 300 yards, but I still (except for a hole or two) expect big things from this defense. Be happy, everyone. Remember when the Chiefs would give up 300 yards and it didn't matter because they were dead last anyway? Count your blessings, Chiefs fans. It's going to be a long, weird season.

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