Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Raiders Week

Well, I thought it was a big win. Not a lot of people get to be involved in a historic landmark like what happened with Tony Gonzalez, having his 63rd and 64th touchdown receptions.

For him to be able to do that in front of his hometown fans, that's a big deal and it was fun to watch. For us to win the game and hold on at the end, it was the first time this year where we put up enough points where we knew they weren't going to be able to come back and get us.

It was fun to watch and kudos to Tony and to us for winning. Our defense did well and kept our offense in the game and our offense was doing pretty much good all day.

Tony's a warrior and he never stops working at his craft. The easiest way to show his work ethic and durability over the years is even when we're in walkthroughs, we're basically just doing assignment checks, substitution patterns, and he's full going. He's getting tapes for it and he's running through his patterns, he's not walking. If it's a walkthrough it might as well be called a run through for him, because he's going in his mind doing what he has to do to get ready for the upcoming game. And when you do that in a walkthrough that transfers over to the practice field and shows you how much success he's had here in his career in Kansas City. He's a shoo-in for Canton now.

He's a good guy in the locker room, he treats everybody the same and he's not one of those guys who will let you know he's a great tight end. He is a great tight end but you'd never know it just talking to him. He called everybody Thursday night, when players go out to dinner and stuff, and he's the first person to try to get people together. He's just an all-around class act.

Michael Bennett, who was traded today, was a lot the same like Tony. He's always upbeat, he's always wanting to have fun, but at the same time, even on special teams – he doesn't play a whole lot of special teams – but he'll go in there and give someone a breather if he wants to stay in shape or anything, he's one of those guys who loves to be out there on the football field.

Waking up this morning, and getting a cup of coffee and reading the paper and seeing this trade, you think it's like the major league baseball trade deadline. He's gone to another team and I think he's going to be missed in the locker room just because of his attitude and everything that was going on. Tampa Bay is going to have a leader in their locker room now that's fantastic at running the football.

I understand that we're going to see Priest Holmes on the practice field on Wednesday. Priest has always been a physical specimen since he came to training camp and started doing all the things that I saw Priest Holmes do in 2005. He's continued that over, he's always had an unbelievable work ethic. When we get done with special teams and let the rest of the team finish out practice, we usually go in and get our rest in so we don't get in their way after practice. But every time we've gone in after practice, when he's in town, which is every week, he's been in there catching passes, running plays, doing agility drills, when we come in and the team is practicing.

This has kind of been mounting pressure getting him ready to go, and he's looking forward to it. I remember getting in here three years ago and it was an unbelievable one-two punch when Priest was running the ball and they'd throw Larry in. There were games where Priest would do the majority of the running, but Larry would score two touchdowns. You throw both of those guys in there, and change it up, there's no way to guard that. It's going to be fun to watch and hopefully he's healthy and ready to go. It's something I think we can definitely use; it'd be a nice little accent to Larry Johnson's running.

But regardless of whichever running back we throw out, it's Raiders week. It's always a big deal to go out there. They have a great punter out there in Shane Lechler, he's an all-pro punter and it's a big thing for me to go out there and compete with him. Also, just the historical site of the game, it's always been a big deal with our late owner, Lamar Hunt, and Al Davis, and from there the rivalry kind of started. With good games coming late in the year, not playoffs, but just regular season games with the Raiders, it's been a big deal. Not only just for playoff spots, but jockeying for that number one or number two spot in the division.

It's always a big game, you see people around town with Raiders stickers in their cars with crosses through them. The other day driving to the stadium I saw a guy with a Raiders towel on his seat cushion of his car, and I was like, "What is that? Why do you have that on your seat?" And he said it was his fart cushion.

These people here in Kansas City, they hate the Raiders fans and players. Maybe hate is the wrong word, we want to beat them every year both times we play them, and if we happen to play in the playoffs we need to beat them, too. But I thought the best way to show the hatred was the fart towel. That's the funniest thing I've seen.

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