Just Win, Baby!

There is no question the Chiefs were the better team Sunday in Oakland, but in the NFL the best teams don't always win. It was looking like that scenario might occur yesterday, but KC's defense played their best game of the season in a 12-10 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

However, this team dodged a huge bullet. This offense is the worst in the NFL, and with the bye week ahead, it's time to make changes on offense.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear - I'm probably one of the biggest Damon Huard supporters in Kansas City. This year he's playing injured, but he's hurting this football with bad decisions in the red zone.

Huard does not survey the field. He becomes fixated on one receiver and ignores other targets. He also has little mobility. Escaping pressure is one thing, but running for your life is another thing altogether.

The long pass to Dwayne Bowe shows exactly what this offense needs - a quarterback who can throw the ball outside the pocket and adlib. To utilize all of Bowe's skills, you need a quarterback who can do that more than once per game.

Right now the Chiefs don't have that on the field, and it'll cost them a chance to win the AFC West unless Herm Edwards makes a bold move in the next two weeks, the Chiefs plays four of the next five games at Arrowhead.

Sunday the Chiefs had to scratch and crawl when they should have blown out the Raiders. Red zone failures are going to kill KC's defense, which right now is playing at a high level.

I was pleased to hear after the game that Edwards isn't going to give his team the entire bye week off, because they have some work to do on offense.

This football team is in the driver's seat to win the division. A year ago, Mike Shanahan pulled Jake Plummer in favor Jay Cutler in the second half of the season. It's a risk, but in 2008 Brodie Croyle will be starter any way you look at it, so give him the rock now and see what he can do the last nine games of the season.

It's time. In fact, it's overdue, because if it doesn't happen we're going to see more and more baseball scores each week.

Five to Remember

1. K Dave Rayner - The knock on Rayner in Green Bay was his consistency, ad he did miss 10 times last year. He's already missed two chip shots for the Chiefs, and both times it's been his mechanics. Against Jacksonville he rushed the kick. In Oakland, he turned his body and circled toward the ball instead of moving straight into it. His leg is strong enough but on short field goals he has to get to the ball quicker and get more loft on the kick. If this can't be corrected, perhaps the Chiefs need to find someone else.

2. RB Priest Holmes - It was good to see Superman back on the field. Though he only had the ball in his hands a couple of times, I was impressed. He picked up a first down late in the game that showed off his ability to run in space. On one play, offensive coordinator Mike Solari had both Larry Johnson and Holmes in the backfield at the same time. More of that, please.

3. FB Kris Wilson - Sorry, I've had enough. Put Wilson on the Bench, because this team needs a thumper. If it's not Boomer Grigsby, that's fine with me, but put someone in the backfield who won't block the oncoming linebacker into the running back. It's getting absurd, and after seven games its getting worse – especially in the red zone.

4. SS Jarrad Page - Call him the Raider killer. The last three games Page has been the reason the Chiefs have won this football game late in the fourth quarter. His uncanny ability to make plays late in games is a sign he continues to mature as a player. At times this year he's struggled to get into the right spot in pass defense, but if you consider his draft status a year ago, it's amazing that 32 teams passed on him nearly seven times each before he was drafted. Kudos to Lynn Stiles, who scouted him at UCLA and saw something everyone else missed.

5. DC Gunther Cunningham - I'm going to give some love to the man who will be our guest on Monday's Out of Bounds Podcast. His defense was focused, made plays and had a solid game plan Sunday. The execution was almost flawless. If the Chiefs can solve their offensive woes, this defense has what it takes to shut down any offense outside the Colts and Patriots. What he's done with this new group of players is instill a confidence that hasn't been around here for more than a decade. He's so good at teaching and motivating that I can't imagine how good this group will be when the season ends. The defenses' grit and toughness is a pure reflection of Cunningham.

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