Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Alone In 1st Place

Oakland is one of those crowds you don't want to go on the road and play against. They were excited all the way until they realized with about a minute left in the game they weren't going to win.

To be honest with you, they need to find a new word, because yelling "you suck" at all of our players got really old. In the end, we got the best of them.

They played well, they're obviously a better Raiders team than we've seen in the past. We can't count them out and I think they're going to surprise some people this year. Just to be able to go to Oakland and beat them was a huge deal - that was big for our football team, to hit the bye and be in first place in our division.

Going into this contest I was looking forward to playing Shane Lechler, one of the best punters there is. He's definitely got all the records in Oakland in terms of gross punting. Whenever you have a game like that where the offenses aren't clicking on all cylinders, and you've got strong defenses (Oakland has two unbelievable linebackers), it's going to be based on field goals and field position. It was fun.

Lechler and I went out before the game and we were talking and knew it would come down to that kind of a field position game, and we kind of challenged each other like we do every time we play. He backed us up, we backed them up, and it was just fun to kind of see that kind of game come down to big field goals. I know we missed the one, but the two field goals that we hit kept us in the game when our offense was a little idle.

As far as Dave Rayner's missed field goal, the only way I can explain this is with a Shaquille O'Neal analogy. He's such a strong player, you get him to a foul shot, you know, a little gimme bucket, and he struggles with them. I don't think necessarily that's what Dave is going through, but you saw him in Chicago hit this long 45-yard field goal.

His kickoffs are at least hitting the goal line at the worst. The ones that are up close, I think he'll get better at that. It's something we've been working on in practice, but you saw the 41-yarder. That's good from 61. It's just one of those things we've got to work at.

But in the end we won and now we're in similar territory. We were faced with this last year and ended up making the playoffs so it's good to have a season that close in our history to kind of fall back on and say hey, we may be 0-2 but last year the same thing happened and we ended up getting in the playoffs.

We still have a lot of veterans on our team that have been in a lot of close and tight games. We've got such a young team this year so it's good to have those veterans to say hey, this is not over, we've still got time, and we've just got to make sure we win these games.

It was big for us to go out in Oakland and San Diego and win, and as long as we keep that attitude up it's going to be tough to keep us down. Now that we've got these games that we've already won the road, we've got them in Arrowhead in December or November, and you know how hard it is to beat us in our place at the end of the season. Not a lot of teams have that much luck. Top Stories