Drum Beats: Packers Grades

Frankly, I'm still in shock. One minute the Chiefs were up 22-16 with about five minutes left, the next the Packers are sauntering off the field with a 33-22 victory. I'm not even sure the Chiefs know what hit them.

Brett Favre got his first win at Arrowhead in style with two huge passes to wide receivers Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, the latter for a touchdown. The Chiefs and Packers jabbed at each other all game long, finally culminating in a 35-point fourth quarter.

Favre shredded a pretty good defense, often getting off passes right before defensive end Jared Allen and company hit him. The 60-yard pass to Jennings was off Favre's back foot. The Packers had an answer for everything the Chiefs wanted to do defensively. It just happened that answer was always "Brett Favre."

Passing Offense

Chiefs Quarterback Line: 19/32, 173 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 2 Interceptions

It wasn't a great game for the Chiefs offensively. Damon Huard was patting the football all day like a set of bongos. Green Bay's corners outplayed the Chiefs wide receivers. When the team truly needed a play at the end of the game, KC's offense gave up the costliest interception of the season. Tight end Tony Gonzalez was his usual brilliant self, and running back Larry Johnson had his best catch of the season, a 30-yard screen.

Grade: F

Except for a stretch in the fourth quarter, the passing game was never really on track.

Rushing Offense

Chiefs Running Back Line: 22 Carries, 61 Yards, 2.8 Yards Per Carry, 1 Touchdown

It's become the theme of the season. The Chiefs can't run the football. First place in the AFC West notwithstanding, they're not going to be a team of any consequence until they can run the football. On a positive note, Priest Holmes looks better every time he hits the field.

Grade: F

Passing Defense

Packers Quarterback Line: 24/34, 354 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 2 Interceptions

Favre passed for 360 yards. Everyone in the stadium knew what the Packers wanted to do, but KC's defense was powerless to stop it. By the time the game was over, Favre had hit seven different receivers, three for over 85 yards apiece. The Packers did a masterful job of protecting their quarterback, getting the matchups they wanted, being patient and waiting to take their shots.

Grade: F

The front seven is as good as the Chiefs can ask for, but the secondary still needs some time to gel. The talent's there, they've just got to find their stride once and for all.

Rushing Defense

Packers Running Back Line: 27 Carries, 78 Yards, 2.9 Yards Per Carry, 0 Touchdowns

The Chiefs were able to hold Green Bay under 100 rushing yards, but that was a moral victory, considering how powerless the team was against the stop pass.

Grade: C-

Special Teams

Dave Rayner's kick out of bounds helped ignite the avalanche of points to end the game. Eddie Drummond looked slow and ineffective once again, and KC's special-teams blocking is almost as bad as it is on offense.

Grade: D-

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