Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Favre Capitalizes

Sunday's game was fun for the most part, I thought the play started picking up in the fourth quarter and that's kind of what you want to see out of these two teams.

Obviously we're on top of our division, I think they are on top of theirs, and Brett Favre is having one of those years that doesn't happen very often, especially in Green Bay in the past couple of years. He's really kind of taken control of that ship.

From our perspective obviously we played a lot of field position in that game and I think it kind of came down to the last eight minutes. There was an eight-minute period where we just had some mishaps.

Everybody kind of talked about how the plays were breaking down but Favre just kind of heaved one down the field. You play 17 years in the league you see that happen and you make those throws. Only a veteran could lead a team like that and that's exactly what he did, in Arrowhead.

You pretty much have to play mistake-free football in order to beat him. It's one of those things where if he senses one bit of weakness or if he sees a linebacker on a receiver, he's going to find it and make us pay for it and that's what he did, at least on one occasion.

You're going to make mistakes in a football game, you just hate to see it in those last eight minutes. He capitalized on pretty much every mistake we made in those last eight minutes.

On special teams, we played good field position for most of the game. That return at the end of the game on that punt hurt us a little bit, they got back into scoring position and kicked a field goal. The kickoff out of bounds came at a key time when we could have kept them backed up.

That's when big plays happen, when a momentum swing happens on special teams, and then all of a sudden you see a bomb down the middle of the field and they get a short field real quick.

Obviously we've got to get a little bit more out of our punt and kickoff returns, but I think for the most part we won field position. It was just the kickoff out of bounds and the punt return. Charles Woodson made three or four guys miss tackles, that's a credit to him because the coverage guys played great all game long. He's been in the league for 10 years and he's been doing that for 10 years. Big time players make big time plays in big games.

With Denver coming in this weekend, it's a big game obviously. After the Green Bay game, you've got to rip the band-aid off so it doesn't hurt as bad. Obviously that was a big loss for us and we needed to win that game.

When you really look at it though, Denver got beat pretty badly by Detroit the other night. With them coming into Arrowhead, it's always tough to play division games away.

We're still at the top of our division, so if the Broncos come in and we play them like we should, hopefully we can get the win and that will knock them out of contention. There will be two horses in the race with us and San Diego, and we're already kind of one up on them by beating them on the road. If we can beat them in Arrowhead we'll be in the driver's seat. Top Stories