Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Brodie Time

As a pro, the loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday was probably the loss that hurt the most so far. It was the second week that we came out with a lead at halftime and proceeded to lose a game, so that right there really hurt.

We came out in the second half - I think we made some good adjustments at halftime, just talking to some of the guys - and then we just went out and turned the ball over twice, quick. Both times they scored a touchdown, and you could see the momentum pull right away from us going into halftime and they had it for the rest of the game and we couldn't get anything going after that.

It was almost like last week's Green Bay game. It looked like a typical Denver-Kansas City game, but you've got to play 60 minutes, one of those kinds of things. I've never seen it turn that quickly - people were leaving. I've never seen a turn of emotions where just everything that could possibly go wrong happened. That's a first for me.

But we're not going to give up. The realization of it is we still have to play San Diego and Indianapolis. We've got Denver away, we've got Oakland at home, we still have to play the Jets late and hopefully we can win that game. So, this is not a time where we can sit down and die. We've got to pick ourselves back up, and I think we made good progress Monday, coming in and watching film and trying to figure out what we could have done better to win the game.

Now we've just got to go to Indianapolis and kind of avoid a three-game losing skid. We don't want that to happen, so hopefully we can leave Indianapolis at 5-5 and get two more victories at home. In Arrowhead, that's usually a given, it just happened differently this year and we've got to make it back to the Arrowhead of old.

This week we'll get a new quarterback. I think the difference everyone can tell right out of the gate between Damon and Brodie is the age difference. With Brodie you have more options in your playbook – he can throw the ball a lot further, he can make the tougher throws. Damon was one of those guys who would manage games, and you're not necessarily going to win because of his arm, but because of his leadership.

Damon is a little banged up, I think that kind of got the best of him in the game, and now we're looking at our young quarterback. He's even younger than I am. He has a great arm, he's a great friend of mine, and without that eight-play mishap down in the end zone, you know, three penalties in a row, he would have had great numbers on Sunday. It was just unfortunate how it happened.

I think he's going to give us a chance to have a run and gun offense. Obviously Kolby Smith and Priest Holmes have to take the pressure off the passing game and run the ball well, which will be tough with Indianapolis' defense and Bob Sanders and some of that crew. But we've got to get Brodie ready this week and I think he's already ready. He's clearly got the arm strength, and now he's just got to make the throws – and our line has to give him time to make the throws.

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