Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Time to Win Again

Any time you can go to Indianapolis, especially after they were the world champions the previous year, you know it's going to be a pretty electric environment.

Peyton Manning is obviously one of the league's most popular players so there's going to be energy, and it was an AFC game. It was a lot of fun, and a big thing for us, Brodie Croyle getting his first start.

We knew it was going to be loud, but it was one of those games that never really got going. Adam Vinatieri goes in there and misses two field goals, Dave Rayner missed two field goals, and it just wasn't a very good kicking game. It was a low-scoring match, but one of those games where you go back and think if we had won, it would have really helped us out later on down the road.

I told Adam at the end of that game we need to write to the NFL and get rid of the stats from this game. It wasn't my best game. The ball just wasn't traveling very well in there – kickoffs, punts, or anything. Even their punter said something about it. He didn't have a very good night, I didn't have a very good night. I don't know if the NFL turned in weird K-Balls this week, but I looked around the NFL and there were a lot of missed field goals this week.

I don't know what's going on. I think our return teams got a little bit of a spark. There were new guys in there and they're going to have to make adjustments and it's going to get better every week, but Jeff Webb, added a little bit more electricity. There was a little bit of a fumble deal with Eddie, but when you're in a league where players are trained to strip the ball, you're going to have little things like that. We could have won that game if Dave had given us those points and we hadn't had the fumble on the punt return.

Losing three games in a row is tough, because it seems like we have the tools. We have a big receiver in Dwayne Bowe, and Tony Gonzalez is on his way to Canton. But the games are so close and we make one mistake, and then it's out of our hands, as opposed to using the players we have, getting the ball to them, and getting up by a couple scores, so it doesn't look so bad if you just have one fumble or one little mistake.

We still have a chance to win the division but we do need to win a football game. We've got to get this losing taste out of our mouths and the big thing now is just to beat Oakland. They're already out of it, and if we give them a loss we've got San Diego next at home. If we can beat them, that's like winning two football games, because it gives them a loss and us a win in our division.

If we can win those two games and beat Tennessee, we still have a legitimate chance at the division. These next two games are crucial if we want to preserve a chance at a playoff win or a divisional title.

I think defense and special teams is the future of the game. If you have those two things and a great field goal kicker you're going to end up winning football games. The rest of the NFL is going to catch on to this curve eventually.

If you look at the Patriots, they're going to have a first-round bye, so if we can win our division and a playoff game, that might put us against Indianapolis the following week. We have to look down the road. We can't overlook Oakland and San Diego because we've got to win those games, but we've got to look down the road and say what teams do we need to beat? That's the Titans, the Jets, and Detroit would be a big game if we can win up there. We still have a legitimate chance if we can win these next two games.

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