Drum Beats: SD Grades II

It looks like things are going to continue to get worse before they get better for the Chiefs. Kansas City dropped yet another game, this time to the San Diego Chargers, 24-10 in Arrowhead Stadium. The loss puts the Chiefs in last place in the AFC West at 4-8.

Adding insult to injury, this was KC's fifth straight loss, and the fourth straight loss at home. The last time the Chiefs lost five game at home was sometime in the early 80s.

Passing Offense

Chiefs Quarterback Line: 21/40, 227 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 3 Interceptions

The Chiefs had to go back to quarterback Damon Huard with Brodie Croyle suffering the effects of a back injury sustained last week against Oakland. The offensive line struggled to protect Huard all game long, as has been the case in almost every game. It can be tough with guys going in and out with injuries, but it's been the same song for the Chiefs all season - they can't keep the quarterbacks upright. The Chargers racked up eight sacks, and Huard eventually succumbed to the pounding, but not before he tossed two interceptions and a touchdown to defensive end Jared Allen.

Grade: F

Until the Chiefs get a handle on consistent pass protection, things won't improve.

Rushing Offense

Chiefs Running Back Line: 25 Carries, 88 Yards, 3.5 Yards Per Carry, 0 Touchdowns

Running back Kolby Smith tried to follow last week's debut with another solid effort, but the Chargers are a much better defensive team than the Raiders. Smith had some early success, but the Chiefs couldn't get the running game fully off the ground. Offensive coordinator Mike Solari was eventually forced to abandon the run when the Chiefs fell behind by two scores in the second half. Smith had some good moments, however, and now the Chiefs are confident he can carry the load.

Grade: D

The Chiefs offense just isn't there.

Passing Defense

Chargers Quarterback Line: 10/21, 157 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 1 Interception

The Chiefs were able to minimize Philip Rivers' impact on the game, and limited Antonio Gates downfield, but the Chargers were able to make some plays at the right times, including two bombs. Jared Allen terrorized Rivers, but eventually the Chargers made the adjustments and stemmed the tide.

Grade: C-

Ty Law came up with a great diving interception.

Run Defense

Chargers Running Back Line: 30 Carries, 193 Yards, 6.4 Yards Per Carry, 2 Touchdowns

It was the usual result for Chargers running back LaDanian Tomlinson. The Chiefs held him in check for the first half, but Tomlinson escaped in the second half, running roughshod all over the Chiefs. By the time the dust had settled, he'd gained over 170 yards and two touchdowns.

Grade: F-

So much for the top 10 defense.

Special Teams

Today was about as tough a day possible for punter Dustin Colquitt and new kicker John Carney. The wind was blowing hard through Arrowhead, but Colquitt had a heck of game, setting a new Chiefs record with an 81-yard punt. The Chargers tried to throw off KC's return game with some short-kick shenanigans, but the Chiefs adjusted pretty well.

Grade: C

Kicker Carney hit 100 percent of his kicks, which is an improvement.

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