Mile High Avalanche

The Rocky Mountains have never been kind to the Chiefs, and Sunday the Denver Broncos crushed the remaining portions of Kansas City's dignity by blasting their rival, 41-7. The season is officially over.

There are three games left, but many changes lie ahead because this football team took a step backwards Sunday.

I'm not giving up on Herm Edwards and his youth movement, but I didn't think I'd ever see what transpired in Denver. The Broncos are a decent team, but not 34 points better than the Chiefs.

The fact they fell flat, even with a multitude of injuries, is surprising. The Chiefs had no chance to win this game.

Kansas City's biggest weakness, the offensive line, is so bad that all five starters might need replacing. The tackles were terrible – more on that later – and the offensive scheme was even worse. I feel sorry for tight end Tony Gonzalez, who plays as hard as anyone. If the offensive line had his heart, the season would be different.

The bottom line is that this football team lost its sixth straight game. The biggest offseason in the history of this franchise might be coming. Every single person in the organization needs to watch this game over and over again.

Edwards must dump Mike Solari, who had another terrible game Sunday. The Chiefs never attempted to use Brodie Croyle's mobility.

But the defense is now a concern, too. They aren't flying to the ball or getting any pressure on the quarterback.

The corners are playing soft and were outmanned Sunday by Brandon Marshall, Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler. Not exactly household names. It's a given that Ty Law will be out of town at season's end, but Patrick Surtain didn't play well in Denver, either.

But there's more blame to go around, and if I'm defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, I might not leave Arrowhead Stadium until the conclusion of the NFL draft next April.

On the bright side, the team didn't quit even though they were outmanned at every position. That's the only positive you can take from this game, and that's all Edwards has to build on as he overhauls the remainder of this roster and hopes he never experiences another day like he did Sunday in Denver.

Five To Remember:

1. RT Chris Terry - I can't be too hard on him because of the recent loss he's suffered in his family, but Terry was beaten like a drum and nearly got Brodie Croyle killed in Denver. I know this line is bad and is dealing with a multitude of injuries, but I'd rather see a practice squad player starting than Terry. Let's hope this team avoids thirty-something offensive linemen in the future.

2. LT Will Svitek - Another experiment gone bad. Let's hope the Chiefs never again attempt to convert a defensive end to offensive tackle. Svitek has been battling injuries, but he's not polished enough to play left tackle at this level. With some better coaching perhaps he's worth another shot as a backup next year, but he needs to work more on his technique.

3. WR Dwayne Bowe - He better learn to adapt to cold weather. If not, he's only going to be of use to this offense in the first half of the season. He wasn't a factor Sunday, but of course, the offensive coordinator's lack of creativity hindered Bowe's performance. He needs to take another approach on cold weather days – perhaps a change of gloves.

4. FB Boomer Grigsby - I have to give some props for Boomer's first career reception. It was only nine yards, but it showed how far he's come since he changed positions. He started at fullback Sunday and will finish out the season at the position. He has three games to show the coaches he can get the job done. Grigsby dropped a high ball later in the game, but he did a solid job of blocking.

5. GM Carl Peterson - The heat is only going to get worse as the Chiefs continue to lose. When Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski calls for you to step down, that's not good. Peterson is in this position because he's at the top of the food chain, and there's no doubt he'll be the center of things this offseason one way or another. Knowing him as well as I do, I doubt he'll walk away from his current post without the urging of team owner Clark Hunt, but one thing is clear - Edwards should have more control over the roster in 2008.

The decisions the Chiefs made with veteran players over the last couple of years was the best way to win now, but that's out the door. It's time for a different approach. This team needs to be dead on in the offseason at every turn if they're going to reverse the carryover from this season into next. Top Stories