NEW PODCAST: Changes Ahead for the Chiefs?

In this weeks' Podcast our crew talk about the Kansas City Chiefs 41-7 loss at Denver, Boomer Grigsby's first NFL reception and the fate of this football team down the stretch. Plus we offer up our takes on the Carl Peterson debate and offer some suggestions for Sunday if you've lost faith in your football team.

Kenny Holland and Ozone are back in the Out of Bounds house to talk about the Kansas City Chiefs 41-7 loss to Denver this past Sunday

In segment number two the Podcast crew talk about the fate of President/General Manager Carl Peterson. Will Clark Hunt make a move to shake up the top end of the organization? We debate pros and cons of such a move.

In our last segment we offer some Sunday suggestions of things you can do if you're not going to attend the final game at Arrowhead this Sunday when the Chiefs host the Tennessee Titans.

Warpaint Illustrated's Nick Athan hosted the December 10th edition of the Out Of Bounds podcast. Amini's Galleria, Sports Nutz, Shore Tire, KC Colors Collision and the Boomer Grigsb Show bring today's show to you.

Today's musical guests include John Cougar, John Mayer and The Eagles.

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Warpaint lllustrated would also like to thank the Chiefs media relations department for their assistance in acquiring interviews, providing statistics, and assisting with other services and information.

Next Monday on Warpaint Illustrated's Out of Bounds Podcast we'll break down the Titans game and look ahead to KC's Motown match up against the Detroit Lions.

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