Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Can't Give Up Now

It was a tough loss in Denver. We knew going into that game if we could beat the Broncos at Denver, it would be the first time since 1995 or 1996 that we had won all of our division away games. We thought that would be great.

But we started a little slow and whatever the Broncos game plan was, they just started hitting pass after pass. Selvin Young had a great run and we got down by 14 points really quick. When you start doing that, instead of controlling the clock you have to throw more and I thought we were throwing it way too much.

When you throw it too much in this league, especially with guys in the defensive backfield like Champ Bailey, you're going to have problems. We didn't get out to a fast start and we let them score points. We're not one of those teams right now that has the ability to put a lot of points on the board fast. We got behind and got caught in the hole.

We've got to stop this snowball from rolling. We've got to stop this slide. If we can win at home we'll snap this losing streak and we can send people out of Arrowhead on a good note. If we can win all of our games and finish 7-9, we'll have our dignity.

This is one of those years where we're kind of rebuilding, and it's taken a toll. We've had some serious injuries to major components of the team. But we can go out there and win our last game at Arrowhead, and obviously it would be huge if we could win in Detroit, and how important would it be for Herm to go to New York, his old stomping grounds, and beat the Jets? All three of those things can happen, we just have to have the mentality that we can go out there and still play football. We're still a good football team, we've just got to close the door, put the nail in the coffin and finish these teams off before they get on a roll.

Everybody in the locker room is a professional, and everybody wants to win. There's nobody that's just there to collect a paycheck, that's not how it is. All these guys are too competitive and work too hard in the offseason to have that mentality. That's why it's been so hard, because every week we say, this is it, we're turning over a new leaf, we're going to get this win and it's going to get us back where we started the season – on top of our division and looking for a playoff spot.

People are starting to point the finger, and trying to figure out exactly where we went wrong, but like Herm has been saying the past couple weeks, just commit yourself to be one percent better. If everyone does that and focuses on their job, we're going to be able to come up with a win.

I don't think we went wrong in practice, we're moving the ball and the defense looks good, but once we get in a game, we let one or two things affect the way things go. All these people we're playing against are professional football players, they're going to make big plays, we just can't let them compound and have the negative effect they've had the past couple weeks.

When you mix business and football, from a business standpoint you want wins. Right now we're not getting them and obviously a lot of people are upset. But we have a lot of young players playing, not just offensive line, we've got new running backs, a brand new fullback in Boomer Grigsby. But basically what you run into when you have young players is those mistakes.

Myself, it's the same way. I try to press a lot and have the perfect punt instead of just putting it to where it's in a perfect place for my team to make a play on. A lot of these other players are doing the same thing. They want to be perfect instead of just doing exactly what they're supposed to do.

When you have that many young people doing those things, you're going to have mistakes, but what it does for next year and the years to come is you have guys who have been in these situations before, have made these mistakes, and they won't make those mistakes. You'll see more wins. That's kind of what this year has been about – taking your licks. We're getting ready to be the team that Herm is trying to build and is building.

I hope fans come out this weekend just to watch the team of the future. Herm's got a lot of younger players in here and it's a very fast team. There are a lot of guys out there capable of being very smart defensive players and offensive threats. There's Dwayne Bowe and Boomer is stepping up and can be a force for us. But really, when fans come out this weekend, just know that this is going to be the team of the future and we're going to be making mistakes here and there, but it's going to be better in the long run.

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