Drum Beats: Worse And Worse

The Chiefs lost, again, falling 25-20 to the Detroit Lions in an outcome that surprised no one. Kansas City's losing streak extends to eight games, but with just one game remaining against the New York Jets, the end is mercifully in sight.

It's getting tough to find new ways to explain KC's inexplicable decline into the depths of NFL frustration. In fact, we're starting to sound like broken records. What else can be said?

Fire Carl Peterson? Covered.

Fire Herm Edwards? Been there.

Gut the team and start fresh next year? Done to death.

There's not much left to say. This is going to be an offseason of reflection for the Chiefs, and some tough decisions will have to be made. The game in Detroit and next week's game against the New York Jets will go a ways towards determining which players and coaches return next year and who will be sent packing.

Today was an opportunity for some of the players who have been around for the last three or four years to show they still belong here, or to get a preliminary audition for their next team. The Chiefs have spent the last few seasons waiting for young players from earlier drafts to step forward and become forces for this team. The players in the most danger right now include wide receiver Samie Parker, offensive lineman Will Svitek and linebacker Keyaron Fox.

Those last two players come with caveats, however. Svitek has been moved from side to side since arriving in 2003. One week it looks like he's going to be the right tackle, the next week the left tackle. He spent this offseason working at right tackle - the Chiefs said they were going to put him there. When training camp began, however, they still couldn't decide where to put him.

Fox is one of KC's most athletic linebackers, and a sure tackler. But right before what should have been his breakout season, the Chiefs signed linebacker Kendrell Bell. Fox couldn't find his way on the field, but it wasn't because he was being outplayed – Bell is widely perceived as a free agent bust. Regardless, this season could be his last with the Chiefs, and the same goes for Svitek.

Otherwise, Herm Edwards did seem to play an awful lot of young players in Detroit, obviously trying to get a head start on the offseason.

Tackle Herb Taylor played quite a bit today, with some solid results. With the looming implosion of the offensive line, he looks like he may be a good prospect. Boomer Grigsby, KC's budding fullback, is improving. Wide receiver Bobby Sippio has played in a few games, but has yet to catch a pass. He can block, however.

When Kansas City travels to New York next week, expect more of the same. The Chiefs will continue playing the young players, trying to find something to build on for next year. The question is, will the end result be the same? Will the Chiefs get that elusive win or will they stumble into the offseason on a nine-game losing streak?

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