Good Week for Chiefs

The last seven days have been important for the Kansas City Chiefs. Wednesday afternoon Herm Edwards made a decision on his new offensive coordinator, soon thereafter Clark Hunt talked to the media and Friday's news conference solidified the franchise's new direction.

It's obvious now – the Chiefs have a new leader and his name is Herm Edwards. Mere hours after Hunt expressed a vote of confidence in Edwards, the head coach displayed great conviction with the media in introducing Chan Gailey as his new offensive coordinator.

For those who didn't see the news conference, Edwards words were chosen carefully. It looked as if he was preparing to roll up his sleeves and begin the hard work necessary to repair his football team.

Edwards didn't pitch Gailey to the media. Instead, he gave his reasons for the hire and then allowed his new offensive coordinator to offer up his vision of KC's future offense.

Much of that talk centered on fixing the offensive line and developing third-year quarterback Brodie Croyle. Both are issues that will be deliberated but probably not fully resolved until the end of October, when the Chiefs will have played half a season.

Until then we get to banter about Gailey, the shift of power in the front office and what players the Chiefs may sign in free agency in March or draft in April.

But through it all you have to be impressed with Edwards and how he's taken control of this football team.

Since the Chiefs lost in New York, he's shaken up his coaching staff, dumping the men who failed to get the job done. He's already told a handful of players they won't return in 2008.

A lot has been made about the perceived power struggle between he and general manager Carl Peterson, but who really knows if it was even that much of a struggle? Power is earned, and right now it appears Edwards is carrying the torch for this franchise. He intends to light as many fires as necessary to get the Chiefs back to respectability.

Herm has taken a lot of heat for his shortcomings as a head coach, but none of that matters at the moment. As he told me after the season finished, it's all about the future.

It's now his show and the fact he hired a man of Gailey's credentials clearly indicates Edwards believes hiring an inexperienced coordinator might have led to more chaos.

That's because the goal is to restore order. Edwards is well on his way to doing just that. Top Stories