Senior Bowl: Wednesday AM Blog

Nick Athan reports on Wednesday's North practice from the Senior Bowl.

This was the final full-pad practice for the North squad and it was their best of the week. The Oakland Raiders' coaching staff and the players seem to have found a rhythm with each other.

This morning's workout was spirited and even though the players were on the same team, it didn't stop them from going after each other. This was their last chance to really show the remaining scouts what they have before Saturday's game.

A select few individuals really stood out, and a few were players the Chiefs scouting department is high on.

Wide Receivers:

Lavelle Hawkins (California) - He's listed at 5-foot-11, which probably means he's an inch smaller than that, but he can flat out run, has good hands and a future in the big show. He'd be a good fit in the Chiefs' offense next season. Today he outperformed Oklahoma State wide receiver Adarius Bowman and has the numbers to back up his resume. Hawkins looks like a better prospect than Virginia Tech receiver Eddie Royal, who also had a good practice.

Jordy Nelson (Kansas State) - He had two impressive touchdown catches today on different routes. One was a longer route where he split the corner and safety in traffic before catching the ball and sprinting into the end zone untouched. The second was on a short route near the goal line. Nelson started inside before breaking out, caught a high pass and walked into the end zone. The way he positions his hands before the ball arrives is amazing. He's always ready to catch the ball. Philadelphia's scouts were all over him after practice and if he has a big game Saturday, I'm not sure he'll be there for the Chiefs at the top of the third round. He's the next Wes Welker (only taller).

Running Backs:

Dantrelle Savage (Oklahoma State) - Looks like he doesn't belong here. He's getting killed every day and the game is too big for him right now. As I said Monday, he's overmatched at every level and right now he's going to go (if he goes) in the sixth or seventh round.

Justin Forsett (Californina) - He's the best running back on the North squad and playing like it. Forsett broke some long runs today, and even though the defenders let up a little, he still would have scored if they hadn't. He has speed and surprising power for such a small back. I don't think he's an every down player but he has the ‘it' factor pro scouts talk about. The Chiefs who are going to add a running back in April will take a hard look at Forsett.


John Sullivan (Notre Dame) - He showed spirit in a few battles with some of the better pass rushers in one-on-one drills. One of those tussles was with USC defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis, who had beaten him on several occasions prior. The Chiefs must draft a center even if they move Brian Waters from guard in May. Sullivan would be a nice fit.

Mike Pollak (Arizona State) - Another guy who had a strong day. Sullivan and Pollak are basically the same player, which means both might be around in the third round. The one thing I like about Pollak more than Sullivan is that he shows better hand use. The hardest thing for any college lineman to learn is to keep their hands inside the shoulders of the oncoming pass rush. He already has that down. Some scouts I spoke with think he can be a productive NFL center early on his career.

Defensive End:

Jason Jones (Eastern Michigan) - The Chiefs really aren't in the market for another outside pass rusher, but after watching Jones now for three days, he brings good value for any team who might consider taking him in the third or fourth round. Jones has good speed and knows what to do once he's around the tackle. How he fares against a double team and how well he projects as a run stopper will determine how high he's drafted next April.

Other Chiefs Notes:

Gosder Cherilus (Boston College) - The Chiefs scouts seem to be favoring him at the moment. They love his size (6-foot-7) and the fact he continues to show great mobility. He's someone to keep an eye on this Saturday.

QB John David Booty (USC) - After talking to numerous scouts, it's a certainty the Chiefs will draft a quarterback in April, but after watching Joe Flacco (Delaware) struggle and hearing that the Chiefs don't seem to be impressed with Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge (Tennessee), who they spoke with yesterday, I think they're leaning toward taking Booty if he's available. The jury is out in regards to the round he'll be selected, but the Chiefs have their eye on him. Top Stories