One on One: Forsett, Hester, Benedict

Nick Athan ran into Justin Forsett, Jacob Hester and Heath Benedict at the Senior Bowl today.


Warpaint Illustrated: Playing against top competition doesn't seem like it's been too big for you.

Justin Forsett: I'm very comfortable out there. I've been playing at a high level for a couple years. I knew playing behind guys like JJ Harrison and Marshawn Lynch I could come out here and be successful too. I'm just comfortable in this environment. I like playing against top-notch guys and communicating with them off the field, getting to know them a bit.

WPI: Are you enjoying playing with all the Pac-10 players out here?

Forsett: It's great having the SC and UCLA guys out here. We're all bonding out here and we're not facing each other anymore. We're just out here trying to be good for the North and win the game, it's good camaraderie.

WPI: What are you looking forward to in Saturday's game?

Forsett: To show them I can step it up another level. In practice I've been trying to step it up every practice. I just want to get better and better and in the game I want to be at my peak.

WPI: Any particular team you'd like to be drafted by?

Forsett: I'm the kind of guy who can adjust to anything, so whatever system they need me to do. I'm willing to do special teams, I'm willing to kick if they need me to kick, they want me to run down and get punts, I'm going to go do that. Just tell me what you need me to do, just use me.

Being a backup most of my career, three years, I only started last year, special teams is where I was able to help the team. I'm comfortable in that environment too, I can do that.


WPI: If you play fullback do you need to be bigger than 230 pounds?

Jacob Hester: Not one team I've met with has said anything about gaining weight. That's kind of the perfect weight both halfback and fullback, so that's kind of what I want to stay at. Even if I gain five pounds I've found I still feel comfortable running the ball so I feel good where I'm at.

WPI: Are you being looked at for special teams?

Hester: Yeah, just like always. That's something I look forward to actually, and I'm going to keep on doing it as long as I can.

WPI: How about catching passes, have you done much of that?

Hester: Any time you're in an All-Star game the quarterback is going to want to show their arm, so we don't have too many dumpoffs, but any time you get a chance, us running backs are licking our chops for some catches.

WPI: What's the week been like for you overall?

Hester: It's been exciting. I came here thinking it was going to be stressful, something I was going to worry about, but it's been a great experience. There's been a lot of people competing out here and a lot of good football played, so it's something I'll always remember.

WPI: What's your take on working with an NFL coaching staff?

Hester: They're a little bit different. They don't yell as much, but expect a lot of you. In college if you make a mistake, they tell you that's alright, get it next time, but NFL doesn't have time to wait on you. I definitely don't want to make any mistakes and disappoint them.


WPI: Have the last three days been more physical than you're used to?

Heath Benedict: There's not a huge jump from Division I to Division II. There's definitely a difference, but it's not as big as people think it is. I think I've adjusted real well over the last three days and gotten better and hopefully I'll keep it going.

WPI: What happened with the fight today?

Benedict: I don't back down from anyone. He got a hold of my facemask and I let him know that wasn't alright to do.

WPI: Describe the difference in coaching you've received from the NFL staff here at the Senior Bowl.

Benedict: It's definitely more intense. The coach worked with me today a little bit before practice on getting out of my stance a little bit better, and that made a huge difference today. Hopefully I can keep tweaking my technique and keep getting better.

WPI: How difficult is it to come together as a team in such a short amount of time?

Benedict: At first no one really knew each other, but now we're getting along real well and the team's coming together and getting ready for the game Saturday. Hopefully we can pull one out. Top Stories