Chiefs Offensive Roster Projections

Between now and the end of February the Chiefs will revamp the entire roster. Though no official announcements have been made, it's a safe bet some players have already been told they won't return in 2008. Today we'll look at the offense.

Dustin Colquitt (P) - He's a restricted free agent and might have been the most valuable offensive player on the roster last season. He's yet to receive a contract offer but this one is a no-brainer. He'll be back.

John Carney (K) – The Chiefs signed a couple of young kickers in the offseason and Carney would come at a high price considering his age, but he beat out all the other projects the team signed and drafted last season, so keeping him around in 2008 might be wise.

David Greene (QB) – Strictly a fill in guy last season.

Damon Huard (QB) – Nobody took more bullets for the Chiefs than Huard did a year ago. He was hit on virtually every throw and took a pounding, but I saw him at the stadium last week and he looked like a million bucks. I'm not sure if he's the answer as the backup this year, but he looks like a guy who believes he'll return in 2008. If Chad Pennington isn't an option for the Chiefs, Huard will stay.

Brodie Croyle (QB) – He's the starter in 2008 and new offensive coordinator Chan Gailey loves his strong-armed young quarterback.

Samie Parker (WR) – He did well this season holding onto the ball, but his size will limit his chances in getting an offer to return. The Chiefs need bigger guys with speed. He'll be playing elsewhere in 2008.

Kolby Smith (RB) - Right now he's the backup to Larry Johnson. The fifth-round pick from Louisville filled in admirably when LJ was lost for the season in 2007. I think he could be a starter, but for now he's number two. Expect the Chiefs to draft another young runner this April.

Jackie Battle (RB) – Not a fit in 2008.

Gilbert Harris (RB) – Like Battle, won't be back.

Boomer Grigsby (FB) – He'll have to show the coaching staff he can be the man early in OTAs and training camp. The Chiefs will draft a fullback in April but Boomer will get his chance. On the line is his radio show next year. If he makes the final 53-man roster, the Boomer Grigsby Show returns!

JP Darche (DS) – He wasn't Kendall Gammon, but did a solid job. Where he shined was in covering punts. He was generally one of the first guys down in coverage. He will return.

Brian Waters (G/C) – I think the move to center will be good for Waters. He has the size, agility and smarts to make a smooth transition into the middle.

Travis Leffew (T) – Strictly a practice body.

Tre Stallings (T) – He'll get a shot at guard more than likely. Will Shields has been working with him, but that might not be enough. Chances are slim he'll make the roster in 2008.

Casey Wiegmann (C) – It was a great ride but he's played his last game in a Chiefs uniform.

Herb Taylor (T) – Not sure why a guy who gave up only one sack in four years at TCU didn't get a chance to play more last season. He might be a guard when it's all said and done, but he'll return.

Will Svitek (T) – He was injured most of the games he played in last year. The 2008 season is a make or break year for him to secure a backup spot. The Chiefs will sign some veteran free agents and pluck even more tackles from the draft.

Adrian Jones (T) – The former Kansas Jayhawk had a nice run with the New York Jets and the Chiefs think he can be a player for them in 2008, but he'll have to shine in OTAs.

John Welbourn (G) – Onto law school.

Damion McIntosh (T) – He was KC's best free agent move last offseason and will likely be moved to right tackle.

Jeff Webb (WR) – He has the talent and maybe it came down to coaching. He probably needed more one-on-one time last season. If he gets it in 2008, he could take the jump to a permanent spot in top four.

Michael Allan (TE) – He's a wild card for this offense. His hands are above the curve but his blocking is below. The Chiefs knew early on in training camp last year that he had loads of potential and could eventually be a big target for Brodie Croyle, so he'll get his chance this year.

Dwayne Bowe (WR) – With Eric Price as his receivers coach he could blossom into a superstar this season. Just has to work on those hands.

Bobby Sippio (WR) – He can catch the ball. With Webb a question mark, all Sippio wants is a chance and he'll get it in 2008.

Kris Wilson (TE) – He has no future in Kansas City, but in a weak free agency class, Wilson will get some run in March from other teams.

Eddie Drummond (WR) – How far this one-time Pro Bowler has fallen. The Chiefs will draft a return man in April to replace Drummond.

Tony Gonzalez (TE) – Best tight end in the game. Now he needs to become a touchdown scoring machine. Forget the yards and receptions, he needs to find the end zone at least 12 times in 2008.

Jason Dunn (TE) – Probably one of my favorite guys in the locker room. He sacrificed every single week to get ready to play on Sunday. He'll go down in my book as the single best blocking tight end to ever play the game. He's at the end of his rope, though.

Tyler Thigpen (QB) – The Chiefs think he has upside. The coaching staff was high on Thigpen and the Minnesota Vikings were upset they lost him before the start of the season. Eventually, he could be a top backup quarterback.

Larry Johnson (RB) – Like Gonzalez, Johnson needs to get back into the end zone. Anything short of 20 touchdowns this season will be underachieving.

Rudy Niswanger (G/C) - He was a key cog for the future of this football team, but his knee injury will keep him out of most of the offseason workouts. He could be an answer at guard or center, however, so he'll be given an opportunity.

Chris Bober (G) – Average player who does not fit on this line.

Eddie Kennison (WR) – One of the best character guys in the locker room. He'll go on to do great things in the world, but its unlikely he'll play in KC anymore. Top Stories