One on One: DeMorrio Williams

Fresh off signing a new contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, DeMorrio Williams is ready to do whatever it takes on defense. Warpaint Illustrated sat down with the linebacker for an exclusive one-on-one chat.

Warpaint Illustrated: How excited are you to be a Kansas City Chief?

DeMorrio Williams: I'm real excited to be coming back to the Midwest to play football, because I know how it is in the Midwest. Kansas City, they sell out every game, so that'll be exciting to play in front of the red. Just talking to the coaches and everything, they're excited about this year and ready to get this thing going as a team.

WPI: You obviously played in college at Nebraska, so talk about going from one big red to the next.

DW: Playing at Nebraska, that was real special, but I think Kansas City, it's going to be on that caliber. They're re-doing the stadium, so they're probably going to get more people there and it's going to get a lot louder.

WPI: How would you describe your NFL skillset?

DW: My number one thing that I bring to any team I'm with is I want to contribute to the team. I feel like, to me, I'm a big play guy and I think that's what I'll bring. Making plays, if it's on defense or special teams or whatever it is, that's my goal. Just to make plays and help the team win football games.

WPI: Have you had a chance to meet with your new defensive coordinator, Gunther Cunningham?

DW: Just talking to him, he made me feel like I was one of his family members. The guys that have been around him understand. You talk to a lot of coaches, they really don't understand where some players come from, but after having an hour or two conversation with him, he's the type of guy who wants to do whatever he can to make you a better player. That's one thing I really like about him. I think he really cares about his players. He wants his players to be great, not good, and that's one thing I really like. I think he'll bring a lot of fire to the defense.

WPI: Do you know what your role on defense is going to be?

DW: Gunther told me, "Right now I don't know, I'm not going to lie to you and say this or say that, but you're a guy that can come onto this defense and contribute." The only thing I asked for was an opportunity so I'm going to go out and compete and try to win a starting spot on this defense.

WPI: What's it going to be like playing with guys like Donnie Edwards and Derrick Johnson?

DW: I've played with some Pro Bowl players, but my thing is that we all have to do as a defense and a linebacking corps, is we have to get on the same page. Playing with a guy like Derrick Johnson, who can run sideline to sideline, that's my type of football. Meeting guys like that, I think we'll be competing to see who can get to the ball the fastest and make plays. A guy like Donnie, he's a veteran player so what you do is you learn certain things from him and then whenever you get some time to watch him you just take notes and then when it's your time you go and do what you have to do.

WPI: Have you had a chance to watch the Chiefs 2007 defense?

DW: I never really did get a chance to see the Chiefs play a whole lot, because I was in the NFC. I really didn't see much of their defense, but whenever I get some time and get to Kansas City I'm going to sit down and look at some old film and some things they did. Right now I really don't know a lot about their defense right now, though.

WPI: Obviously you chose Kansas City because it was an opportunity to play, but what do you think of Herm Edwards so far?

DW: One thing that I like about Herm, and he said this in an interview one time, you play the game to win. That's what it's all about. He's a coach that wants to win, and if a player in this league doesn't want to, they're in the wrong place. He's a straight ball coach and I think he's going to put the best players on the field.

WPI: What was the deciding factor in choosing Kansas City over other teams?

DW: One thing about our business, there's not a whole lot of recruiting like college. It's a business, so I feel like it was a business decision, but I'm very happy where I'm at. Top Stories