Chiefs Draft Projection– April 15th Edition

Matt Ryan, Ryan Clady, Brenden Albert and Glenn Dorsey were all in Kansas City Monday to visit the Chiefs. Will any of them end up in red and gold? In the latest edition of our draft projection, I say no. This time I go off the deep end, put on my General Manager hat and see how wild things might get for Kansas City in two weeks.

Round #1 (7th Pick from New England)

CB Leodis McKelvin (Troy) - After making a trade with the New England Patriots the Chiefs slide down two spots and pick up the Patriots' second third-round pick (#94). With this selection, Kansas City selects Troy cornerback Leodis McKelvin. He's the best cornerback in this draft and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham will be doing the happy dance.

The Chiefs need a shut down corner and with Patrick Surtain destined to become an expensive nickel back this year, Gunther Cunningham will secure one half of his dream to find two starters in this year's draft.

Round #1 (22nd Pick from Dallas)

CB Aqib Talib (Kansas) – After trading their second round pick (#35), New England's third-round pick (#94) and a 2009 fourth-round pick, Gunther Cunningham is on cloud nine as the Chiefs take the Kansas cornerback. Talib's stock has fallen after recent news about a drug test he refused to take two years ago, but it's never been any great secret. Talib becomes the second starting cornerback and the Chiefs have two potential lock down corners.

Round #2 (34th Pick)

OT Anthony Collins (Kansas) – The Chiefs wheeling and dealing continues. In a shocker, Kansas City trades Jared Allen to Atlanta for the Falcons' three second-round picks (#34, #37 and #48). Allen gets his wish and becomes the highest-paid defensive end in the league while Collins, who some scouts believe will be the best left tackle to come out of this draft, needs a year of seasoning but is well worth the pick.

Round #2 (37th Pick from Atlanta)

OT Sam Baker (USC) –After taking Collins to play the left side, the Chiefs come right back and grab Baker, whose stock has been rising. He'll start the 2008 season as the Chiefs starting right tackle.

Round #2 (48th Pick from Atlanta)

DE Quentin Groves (Auburn) – With Allen becoming a dirty bird, the Chiefs must fill a void on the defensive line. They land one of the premier college pass rushers to take Allen's place. Groves is quick, strong and knows how to get to the quarterback. He'll begin the season opposite Tamba Hali.

Round #3 (66th Pick)

C Mike Pollak (Arizona State) – There is a lot of talk about taking Kansas State wide receiver Jordy Nelson, but the sentiment is that Pollack is NFL ready and can start come opening day. Pollack fills the bill for the Chiefs who will open the season with Collins at left tackle, Brian Waters at left guard, Pollack at center, Damion McIntosh at right guard and Baker at right tackle. Works for me.

Round #4 (105th Pick)

WR Dexter Jackson (Appalachian State) – He broke the 4.4 barrier at the NFL combine and can flat out get down the field. He's not at as physical as Nelson, but is the best receiver on the board at this point. He gives KC's offense an element of true game-breaking speed. Some might compare him to Samie Parker, but he has much better hands.

Round #5 (136th Pick from Miami)

FB Owen Schmitt (West Virginia) – With Boomer Grigsby departing for Miami and Allen traded to the Falcons, the Chiefs need a crazy country boy. Schmitt is a masher who will hit anything in sight.

Round #5 (140th Pick)

TE Martin Rucker (Missouri) – His stock has fallen because most teams feel he can't block at the NFL level. But there isn't any question he can catch the ball. With Tony Gonzalez already hinting he might play only two or three more seasons, Rucker will have plenty of time to learn the game and develop into a solid if not spectacular tight end someday.

Round #6 (170th Pick)

DT Red Bryant (Texas A&M) – This fills another need for the Chiefs. With Tank Tyler on his way to becoming a full time starter, Gunther Cunningham needs another rotational player. Bryant could be much more than that. For some reason his stock is falling and Kansas City, who has found some gems on day two in the past, finds a player who might start in 2009.

Round #6 (187th Pick from Tampa Bay)

G Christopher McDuffie (Clemson) – He fits the mold of the big, strong interior offensive lineman that the Chiefs want to develop under Chan Gailey. McDufee is a project of sorts, but Kansas City has the luxury of giving him plenty of time to learn the position at the NFL level.

Round #7 (210th Pick)

WR Marcus Henry (Kansas) – I'm favoring my alma mater, but believe me when I tell you that Henry will be starting for the Chiefs by 2010, if not sooner. All he needs is a tutor like Chiefs wide receivers coach Eric Price and Henry will become something special. I've talked to numerous NFL scouts about Henry and they all tell me he has what it takes to make it in the big league. But he needs to land on the right team.

Round #7 (239th Pick from NY Giants)

RB Justin Forsett (California) – He might be small, but that matters little when you're taking a flyer on someone in the seventh round. Forsett could be a candidate to be KC's return man. He can also catch the ball out of the backfield and is elusive running the ball.

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