Forecasting the 2008 Chiefs schedule

The Chiefs 2008 schedule ranks as one of the easiest in recent history. There are only three playoff teams on the schedule - four if you include San Diego twice – so Herm Edwards should be able to surpass the four wins Kansas City put up a year ago.

I withhold the right to change that prediction after the draft and preseason, but at least the Chiefs won't be forced to play an awkward and unfair schedule, as they did last season. But week one won't be easy as Kansas City will travel to New England to the play the Patriots, who are still stinging from their Super Bowl loss to the Giants. With the schedule out, let's look take an honest look at the number of wins the Chiefs might manage in 2008.

Week #1 @ New England - The Chiefs losing streak will reach 10 (after nine straight from 2007) after they go into Foxboro and get thumped by the AFC champs. Kansas City will have at least two new offensive line starters, two new corners and a young quarterback who will have to be exceptional to keep this game close.

Record 0-1

Week #2 vs. Oakland - Thank you NFL scheduling Gods! A home opener against Al Davis and his Brinks truck misfits is just what Kansas City needs. These two teams finished at the bottom of the AFC West last season and could battle for that position again in 2008. The team that wins this game will likely avoid the division cellar. I give the edge to the Chiefs.

Record 1-1

Week #3 @ Atlanta - The Dirty Birds still reek of the Michael Vick fiasco and the departure of Bobby Petrino. This won't be a tough road game for the Chiefs, but can they win? That answer might be better determined based on their performance, or lack thereof, against New England. I give a slight edge to Kansas City.

Record 2-1

Week #4 vs. Denver - The Broncos are owed payback from last season, but Denver at the moment is a better team than Kansas City despite the fact they have once again had a questionable offseason. Even so, I think the Broncos make it two in a row at Arrowhead.

Record 2-2

Week #5 @ Carolina - This is not the same Panthers team we're used to seeing – Carolina is rebuilding. The Chiefs have never lost at Carolina but will this year as road games continue to stump Kansas City.

Record 2-3

Week #6 BYE WEEK

Week #7 vs. Tennessee - Another tough game for Kansas City. The Titans were a playoff team a year ago and gave the Chargers a game. They have a better offense than KC and a solid defense and are my pick to unseat the Colts as champs of the AFC South. They take care of the Chiefs.

Record 2-4

Week #8 @ New York Jets - This will prove to be the pivotal game of the 2008 season, as this is the week the Chiefs show signs of being a better team. They rout the Jets in their best performance of the season to date.

Record 3-4

Week #9 vs. Tampa Bay - The good times continue for Kansas City as they surprise the Bucs with their ability to run and pass the ball on offense. Tampa Bay's offense, a topic of much debate last season, struggles on the road and Kansas City puts two wins together.

Record 4-4

Week #10 @ San Diego - Kansas City's winning streak comes to an end. Though the Chiefs stole one out West last year, the Chargers are rolling toward another AFC West crown in 2008.

Record 4-5

Week #11 vs. New Orleans - Last preseason the Saints dominated the Chiefs and showcased the difference in talent between the two teams. This time, however, Kansas City is improved, and New Orleans doesn't provide much of a contest.

Record 5-5

Week #12 vs. Buffalo - The Bills are a better football team and this will be a close game. However, by now Brodie Croyle has settled in as the starting quarterback and the Chiefs score enough points to win.

Record 6-5

Week #13 @ Oakland - This is the beginning of three straight games against the AFC West, and it's not a good week for the Chiefs. The Raiders haven't had much success against Kansas City in Oakland, but this time they take one and even KC's record.

Record 6-6

Week #14 @ Denver - Another road game in Denver in December equates to another loss. Though it's closer than anyone thought it would be, the Chiefs simply wear down in the cold Mile High air.

Record 6-7

Week #15 vs. San Diego - With the division in hand, San Diego lays an egg in Kansas City because they can't stop Larry Johnson. The Chiefs' defense is firing on all cylinders by now and ravages Philip Rivers.

Record 7-7

Week #16 vs. Miami - Boomer Grigbsy returns to Kansas City. Some might have thought this game would determine the first pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, but the Chiefs have a better season going. The Dolphins, meanwhile, battle for the top spot in the draft once again. Kansas City rolls Miami to climb back over .500.

Record 8-7

Week #17 @ Cincinnati - The Bengals have visited Arrowhead each of the last two seasons and split with the Chiefs. Even though Kansas City is two games removed from playoff consideration at this point, they battle to the final tick of the clock but fall just short.

Record 8-8 Top Stories