Chiefs fans rejoice over Dorsey selection

It's called the war room. The place where Carl Peterson, Herm Edwards and the rest of KC's brass move names up and down a dry-erase board. If you compared it to the draft party at the Chiefs' practice facility, a more appropriate name might be "The bore room."

Saturday, tailgaters were grilling up brats and throwing down adult beverages more than four months before the first preseason kickoff. What was the main topic of conversation in and around the Chiefs' practice facility?

What in the heck the Chiefs were going to do with that fifth pick, of course.

Ricky from Platte City wanted Virginia defensive end Chris Long, as did several other couch potato GMs. As it became more and more evident that Long was going to be a St. Louis Ram, the mood shifted.

"I was thinking Chris Long, but it sounds like he's going to be gone," said Terry from Riverton, Kansas. "So maybe trade down and get some more picks?"

With the departure of Jared Allen, most, such as Chad from Independence, thought going after a pass rusher made sense.

"We need a pass rusher," said Chad. "I think Gholston's going to be the only one there."

Others wanted an offensive lineman, while some yearned for a quarterback. But there were no offensive linemen available at the fifth pick for good value, so most of the chatter that filled the practice facility was about trading down. Pre-draft trade rumors were bountiful, and no one really had any idea of what the Chiefs were going to do until Atlanta took Matt Ryan.

Chiefs play-by-play man Mitch Holthus got on the loud speaker and was visibly excited. He explained to the crowd that the Falcons were taking Ryan, and Oakland had their eyes on running back Darren McFadden. The whole room stirred in anticipation.

The Chiefs had a realistic shot at drafting defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, a player no one thought would still be sitting in the green room at Radio City Music Hall when the Chiefs went on the clock.

When McFadden officially became a Raider, the draft party almost came to a halt. People stopped goofing around and focused on the projection screen fixated at the north end of the facility.

The teams picking ahead of the Chiefs didn't make it easy. They were supposed to take all the available players at Kansas City's positions of need, leaving the team with no choice other than moving down.

"I was sure we were going to trade out," said Rich, from Independence. "I was ready to walk out of here, but they made a good pick."

When the selection went official, the place erupted. Everyone was smiling - maybe, just maybe, the Chiefs finally had themselves an elite defensive tackle.

"Already the best draft in years," said Mitch, from Columbia.

"Anytime you can get arguably the best player in the draft at number five, you have to be happy," said Mark from Raymore.

It was difficult to find an unhappy Chiefs fan in KC's practice facility after Glenn Dorsey was selected, but some weren't ready to order their #72 jersey just yet.

"I like him," said Trent, from Raytown. "I think he's a playmaker. I just hope we can get him into camp on time." Top Stories