Instant Analysis: VT CB Brandon Flowers

NFL Experts Analyst Tom Marino and Warpaint Publisher Nick Athan offer instant analysis on the Chiefs second-round pick Brandon Flowers.

Instant Analysis: Tom Marino

Brandon Flowers is a highly skilled football player. More quick than fast. I was very impressed with his play and I think he immediately comes in and helps you as a nickel back. He's got a very good sense of where he's at and what he's doing. He worked out with a real good compact backpedal. His speed was marginal and obviously he's a smurf, he's under 5-10. That's a critical shortcoming for that position, but I think he can come in and he has great anticipation and very good ball skills. I think he'll be able to contribute immediately.

The one thing you have to remember is that when you go nickel, he's the spotter, he's the guy that's going to come in there. I think the speed is going to be a limiting factor for him to be a primetime, first and every-down player. He'd need to be a little bit bigger.

There are players with more speed, but they don't have the skill level this guy has. The Chiefs have drafted a guy that's ready to play right now as opposed to a guy like a King from Penn State, who can run awfully fast, but isn't really a good player.

Instant Analysis: Nick Athan

Anyone who has read my mock drafts knows that I've been touted Flowers. Though he's not the ideal size for a cornerback he has enough closing skills that have the Chiefs excited about his potential. Don't read anything into the comments by Edwards that he has to compete for a starting spot. He has one at the moment.

The thing I like about his game is that he does not back down to any receiver and he loves to hit. He might be one of the few college cornerbacks in the college ranks that studies as much film as some coaches do to prepare for games.

I asked one of the Chiefs scouts about Flowers and we both came to the same conclusion. Flowers reminds both of us of former Chief Kevin Ross.

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

This player has good feet and is a fast twitch athlete short area player (quicker then fast). Worked out of a compact pedal and kept good relationship with receivers in his cushion. Has marginal speed, but compensated for this critical shortcoming with excellent playing instincts, awareness, and anticipation. Has impressive ball skills. More then held his own defending the run. Is a good player, but is undersized and lacks the pure speed to cover the race horses. Top Stories