NC State's Morgan upgrades KC's safety depth

Safety wasn't exactly a position of need for the Chiefs going into the draft, but when you have a chance to draft a hard-hitting defender who doubles as a special teams stud, it's tough to pass up. That's exactly what the Chiefs did Sunday when they added North Carolina State standout DaJuan Morgan.

The youth movement continues at Arrowhead with Greg Wesley unhappy and Jon McGraw getting older. With Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page entrenched as the current starters, the addition of Morgan offers insurance and keeps Kansas City on course with their draft board.

"Once again, we've followed our board and these three guys were the next three in a handful of 10,"said Bill Kuharich, Vice President of Player Personnel. "All of them have a specific quality we like."

What is that quality the Chiefs like so much about Morgan that they drafted the safety with their final third round pick?

"You watch him play on tape, he's a torpedo," said head coach Herm Edwards. "Good interceptor and vicious tackler."

Torpedo. Vicious tackler. Does that description sound like it might fit another young safety in the Chiefs organization? Pollard, perhaps?

Edwards wasn't specific on what safety position Morgan will play, but he's had experience as a strong and free safety, as well as rover.

"He's a versatile guy, he's an excellent special teams player," said Edwards. "Very athletic with great hand-eye coordination."

Morgan said he was ready to play anywhere, however, be it on defense or the kicking game.

"Special teams, I think that is the most important part of the game," he said. "It changes the game at any moment of the game, so I'm just fired up and ready to play wherever I need to play. I feel like every phase of the game on special teams, I'm that man to do the job."

Some might say the Chiefs have bigger needs than a third safety, but with rumors flying that Wesley might be traded, it makes sense. Edwards also talked Sunday about creating competition, and bringing in another young safety will do just that. Top Stories