Instant Analysis: Missouri WR Will Franklin

NFLExperts Analyst Tom Marino and Warpaint Publisher Nick Athan offer instant analysis on the Chiefs fourth round pick Will Franklin.

Instant Analysis: Tom Marino

Will Franklin is a guy who has all the numbers you're looking for. He catches the ball well. He looks like he should be a vertical threat, but Missouri used him underneath, they didn't throw to him as you might think they would. So you kind of wonder. He's got all the talent that you want and he's going to look real pretty in the mini-camp, but to me he's been somewhat of an underachiever in the sense that's he's not been a guy who backed up what he has in size and speed.

Instant Analysis: Nick Athan

The Chiefs have been very high on Franklin all year. While most teams were scouting tight end Martin Rucker at Missouri, it was hard to miss the explosive speed of Franklin. He's already in the mix for the #2 receiver opposite Dwayne Bowe. He's a confident and skilled pass catcher. He runs good routes but had far more success as a slot receiver than outside. Part of that was the design of Missouri's offense, but for him to make an impact in Kansas City, he has to stretch the field.

Pre-Draft Analysis:

Has size and real talent, but was disappointed in his overall game. Wasn't tough and didn't make plays in competitive situations. After the catch, will hit the deck when he sensed body heat (watching too many pro games). Virtually all of his production was outside the hash and underneath. Does show route quicks and has the body control to be outstanding in this area. Top talent, but is not the same player when the bullets start to fly. Round 3-5 consideration. Top Stories