Richardson Could Fill Void at Right Tackle

It took five rounds for the Chiefs to address their offensive line again after selecting Branden Albert in round one. They struck again in round six when they selected Clemson's Barry Richardson.

As the draft progressed the Chiefs kept passing on players that many saw as answers on the offensive line. It's no secret that last season both quarterbacks - Damon Huard and Brodie Croyle - fell victim to poor pass protection, and the running backs didn't get any help either. Adding Albert and Richardson is a needed boost.

Richardson played tackle at Clemson but most scouts believe he can play guard in the NFL. The Chiefs have a need at both positions, so it's safe to assume the Chiefs might slide him inside. Richardson was ranked in the top 12 as a tackle in this draft class, but he's strong enough to be a force at guard.

It's a given that Albert will start at left tackle this season and Brian Waters will line up next to him at left guard. Rudy Niswanger is the likely starter at center. If Richardson starts at right guard, the Chiefs can shift Damion McIntosh to right tackle.

The Chiefs would prefer to put McIntosh at right guard, so it's possible Richardson might remain outside. If that were the case, KC's offense would have two potential bookend tackles that would solidify the offensive line for many years to come.

Richardson's nickname is ‘Gentle Giant,' which some see as a knock. There are questions about his tenacity as a player. Regardless, he started 45 of 49 games for the Tigers and that means he was good enough to handle the grueling ACC schedule.

Another problem with Richardson, and one of the reasons he slid to the sixth round, was his work ethic. Hopefully Bob Bicknell, the Chiefs' new offensive line coach, should be able to get an athlete like Richardson up to NFL speed in short order.

If Richardson can break the habits that kept him from being drafted early, the Chiefs may have found a sleeper in round six who could start in 2008. Top Stories