Instant Analysis: Clemson OT Barry Richardson

NFLExperts Analyst Tom Marino and Warpaint Publisher Nick Athan offer instant analysis on the Chiefs sixth-round pick, offensive tackle Barry Richardson.

Instant Analysis: Tom Marino

This is a guy you're hoping and praying on because he's got an athletic body and he's a big sucker. He doesn't have the real temperament you want right now. To me he's a guy you're taking a chance on, because he's a big man. A good friend of mine on the coaching staff at Clemson last year said in the middle of an important game that was close, Richardson walked over and said, "Coach, how come we didn't get to see that movie yesterday?" Those are the things that were bothering him. He's not an intense guy. He's a talented guy, but he doesn't finish things.

Instant Analysis: Nick Athan

This is the pivotal pick of the second day. Richardson dropped this weekend because he lacks real passion for the game. Don't get me wrong, he's talented, but because of his size he should be more menacing on the field. You want your tackles to go and crush people, not bump into them. You want them leveling defensive players. Richardson could start this season at right tackle. I think it's quite possible that if the Chiefs can get him to the right level mentally, he and Albert could be bookend tackles in Kansas City for a very long time.

Pre-Draft Analysis:

Athletic big man who flashed excellent body control. Nimble on his feet with good blocking range (can get out to the second level). On pass protection, has the athletic ability to counter and mirror defensive movement. Has been a regular since his freshman season, but I felt his mechanics were not particularly advanced. He just doesn't play heavy and is not a natural knee bender. Round 4 - 5 guy based on his natural gifts. Top Stories