Instant Analysis: UCF TE Michael Merritt

NFLExperts Analyst Tom Marino and Warpaint Publisher Nick Athan offer instant analysis on the Chiefs seventh round pick Michael Merritt.

Instant Analysis: Tom Marino

We really didn't scout him, but if the Chiefs drafted him this late it means only one thing - he was the highest rated player on their board.

Instant Analysis: Nick Athan

With the drafting of Merrit, Kansas City is going to have some serious competition at back-up tight end. The fact Merritt is a ferocious blocker won't help the cause of last year's seventh-round pick, tight end Michael Allan. Though he's bulked up in the offseason, when you factor in the other tight KC drafted (Brad Cottam in the third round), the best blocker might get the edge to make the roster.

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

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