All-Pro Dads at Arrowhead

Saturday, The Chiefs invited fathers and children out to Arrowhead Stadium for their third-annual installment of All-Pro Dads.

Coach Herm Edwards headlined the event and was assisted by several players, including center Rudy Niswanger, kicker Nick Novak, fullback Oliver Hoyte, and safety Jon McGraw. Edwards began the morning by giving the crowd a pep-talk before they hit the turf for drills that involved both football and relationships.

Back-peddling, wind sprints, and throwing drills partnered with lessons on how to intercept negative media messages that influence today's youth, how to teach kids to manage money, and how to create a healthy, communicative relationship between father and child.

All-Pro Dads is a non-profit organization that helps educate fathers on becoming an "All-Pro Dad."

"This was kind of a deal that Tony (Dungy) was real big on in Tampa," said Edwards. "And it's kind of spread. I think half the league now is involved in All-Pro Dads."

"Sometimes we lose track of the time we spend with our children, quality time. I think all parents try to put in time, but we get so hung up in making a living rather than really making a difference in our children's lives, and the most powerful thing a parent has is making a difference."

"You can't spend enough time with your children, and I think the thing we learn in life is you don't get time back. When it's gone it's gone. You know, when you have a moment like this, you have to look at it as this can be a building block for something in the future. And I think you've got to invest something in your children besides money, besides clothes. You've got to invest time, and that's something that's free. And everybody can give time. You just got to have your priorities right."

Morris, a father from Kansas City, KS, was appreciative of Saturday's opportunity to spend quality time with his son.

"Anything really having to do with fathers and sons, I want to support if I can," he said. "It's very important because the lack of fathers in the home, especially in my community, anytime you get to spend some time with your kid in a facility like this, and with this organization, that's saying something." Top Stories