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Players, coaches and front officers are important, but everyone knows what truly defines the National Football League. It's the fans.

The league is nothing without fans. All across America, every Sunday, they come out in droves to support their teams. In Kansas City, the fans have a special bond with the Chiefs and Arrowhead Stadium. In fact, the fans pretty much are the stadium.

Because of that, we feel it's important to let those loyal fans be heard. Each week, Voice of the Fan will give three lucky members of Warpaint Illustrated.com a chance to voice their opinion on key issues surrounding their football team via our front page. Hopefully, someone's listening.

True or False: Brodie Croyle is the quarterback of the future and will show it this year with an impressive season.

True. With the natural talent of this young quarterback it's just a matter of time. All the Chiefs have to do is surround him with talent and a focus on the "win your game" mentality. Croyle does "win" his game, he simply needs to win more often and a good part of that comes with protection. Period.

Croyle wants the ball because Croyle wants to win his battles. Go back and look at that the last game of regular season against the Jets. Full up linebacker blitz and Jeff Webb bursts off the ball and goes 35 yards down the field. Croyle does a three-step drop anticipating the blitz. He buys just a bit of time, sees Webb make his cut and boom. He gets the ball out with a practically unblocked linebacker in his grill.

Croyle knows he's going to get flattened, but he also knows he's got that lightning fast release and arm strength to put a 35-yard spiral out on Webb for six. Chan Gailey will go for the throat from 35 yards out because Brodie Croyle shoots to kill at that range.

Olathe, KS

True or False: Herm Edwards will eventually lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory.

I think Herm has it in him to win a Super Bowl. It's probably a few years down the road before the team is a serious contender, but Herm's style of football is all about doing things that allow you to go deep in the playoffs.

One thing is for sure, we aren't going to lose a playoff game under Herm because we couldn't get the opposing team to punt even once!

Chanute, KS

True or False: Larry Johnson will rebound from the foot injury he suffered last season and turn in another Pro Bowl season.

False. Rumor has it that he is fine, but when he sustained the injury it was given a name, I don't remember what they called it (editor's note – Lisfranc). The injury is one that has ended the careers of running backs.

But regardless of whether or not his foot is 100 percent I do not think his heart is in the game any longer. He got his big payday and is now on the downhill slide. Anger was what kept him running, he is rich beyond his wildest dreams now and Herman loves him. There's no way to develop the anger needed to get back to where he once was.

Leavenworth, KS

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