Sunday Minicamp Recap

It's been a grueling five days for some of the Chiefs veterans, a few of whom who were given time off Sunday. That meant more reps for the young players, but resulted in a scary moment for the Chiefs' second first-round pick.

LT Branden Albert - He went down with an ankle sprain today and sat out the last part of practice. After the session he did join his teammates in the huddle. The good news is Albert did not need to be carried off the field. Herm Edwards said Albert should be fine, but it was a scary moment nonetheless.

CB Brandon Flowers - I'm running out of words to describe Flowers' great play. Today he was five yards behind Dwayne Bowe on a fly pattern when Brodie Croyle launched a pass that sailed over Flowers' left ear. Bowe had his hands outstretched to catch the ball before Flowers reached out and batted it away. He did this with his back turned to the play.

DE Brian Johnston - Was outstanding again. Today he was sharp against the bootleg and he never fell for the fake. He seems to have the knack for keeping his eye on the ball - that's instinct. Right now Johnston is a lock with the second team, but today he played with the first team in the nickel package and more than held his own. To me that indicates the Chiefs have faith in him, and he'll push Turk McBride.

DT Tank Tyler - Today he was almost as good as Glenn Dorsey, shooting the gaps and penetrating into the backfield. What I really liked this weekend was how he kept pushing linemen backwards. Last year he was manhandled at times. I still say lining him up next to Dorsey is the way to go.

WR Maurice Price - He was practicing with the starters today, flanked outside during the two-minute drill. Price has played well, and even though I've sung his praises lately, he's not a lock. But he's getting it, as one of the offensive coaches told me today. The only thing he needs to be more consistent with is his route running. His hands are in question.

KR BJ Sams - He appears to be the number one guy at the moment. Though I expect Kevin Robinson to win out, Sams has been outstanding so far. It's also true he has the most experience. Today he was reminiscent of Dante Hall in his prime, busting through a tiny seam and coming out the other side clean. I'm still worried because Sams hasn't played much the last two years, so that's why I'll continue to give Robinson the edge. Sams can't play any other positions.

QB Brodie Croyle - I absolutely loved the way he attacked the defense today in the two-minute drill, taking controlled risks. But if something wasn't working, he didn't force the ball. He took his shots down the field today and made sure his passes only found the hands of his receivers.

Nick's Notes

LG Brian Waters - He was back on the field today, showing no signs of the groin injury that slowed him down this week. Waters doesn't need to practice five days in a row anyway, but the more work he gets against Glenn Dorsey, the better player he'll be this year.

RB Larry Johnson - The All-Pro back sat out Sunday's practice and that will be the norm heading into the season. Herm Edwards mentioned several of his veterans will receive plenty of rest this preseason.

CB Patrick Surtain - Also sat out today, but that was a good thing because it meant Flowers and Brandon Carr saw more action. At the moment Surtain appears to be the starter opposite Flowers. In nickel packages, Flowers moves inside and Carr is on the outside opposite Surtain.

TE Tony Gonzalez - After practice he said Brad Cottam was the best tight end he's seen in Kansas City since he's been a member of the Chiefs. Gonzalez thinks Cottam has all the tools to be a solid player. It's good to see that Gonzalez is taking him under his wing. Cottam is definitely one of the stars of OTAs so far.

Odds & Ends

QB Joey Harrington - Forget any rumors you may have heard about Harrington winding up in Kansas City. A Chiefs official laughed the notion away.

HC Herm Edwards - It's obvious he's at ease this year coaching his players. He's never been one to worry, but he's been far more jovial and loose with both his veterans and his rookies. The fact he basically has the type of team he's always wanted to coach both in New York and Kansas City has a lot to do with it. He does not act like a coach who believes his team is going to underachieve again this year.

Last Week - There are only three OTA sessions left. The team will be back on the practice field Tuesday and Wednesday before heading off to St. Joseph on Thursday for the final session. After that the players and coaches will scatter until they reconvene shortly before River Falls.

In regards to that, it appears 2008 will likely be the final year in Wisconsin. The new practice facility, fields, weight room and offices are expected to be done in October, thus eliminating the need to travel North for the summer beginning in 2009.

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