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Open your ears! You're about to hear the Voice of the Fan. This week three lucky members of our Warpaint Illustrated.com forums voice their opinion on head coach Herm Edwards, linebacker Derrick Johnson and the 2008 season. Listen up! This week we go nationwide!

True or False: Herm Edwards deserves a free pass for the lackluster offense his first two years in Kansas City. He inherited a collection of aging talent that couldn't get the job done and has now replaced most of it with his own young players.

True. At the time Herm walked through the doors, he inherited a team coming off a 10-6 season that had just missed the playoffs and a running back that put up over 1,700 yards in nine games. Carl Peterson, the fans, and every critic in the world would have chastised Herm if he had blown up the offense from day one.

He stuck with an offense that was getting it done. Retirement, age, and injuries plagued his first season. Then Herm wanted to blow it up, but was held back by his boss. Last year doesn't need to be explained because it was quite evident the offensive line was the culprit for all that went badly.

Now, after two seasons, Herm has his chance to remold this offense and the talent as he wanted to. Now that free pass is gone.

Nick - Erie, PA.

True or False: Derrick Johnson is ready to take the next step and become a consistent defender. He'll make the Pro Bowl in 2008.

True. With Gunther Cunningham finally taking control of this linebacker corps, I expect to see great things out of our best linebacker. Yes, he has a disadvantage because of where he plays, and what scheme he plays in. I say, so what?

He will prove the critics wrong and become the best defensive player on this football team. You can thank Gun for that!

Mike - Broomfield, CO.

True or False: The Chiefs will win at least seven games in 2008. Predictions of doom are based mostly on the horrible talent of the 2007 squad.

False. I think they could win seven games, but there are so many unknowns going into this year. Tons of new players, four offensive linemen learning new positions, a brand new offensive scheme, an unproven quarterback.

I think that last year's meltdown was formed from a perfect storm of conditions - bad offensive coordinator, a quarterback controversy, bad field-goal kickers, an injury to the star running back, etc. I definitely don't think the Chiefs are as bad a team as the doom-sayers think, and I think we're getting some real talent on the team.

But the biggest unknown is when a rookie is going to have a brain fart and blow a play. This year, we have a lot of rookies.

David - Chanute, KS.

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