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Open your ears! You're about to hear the Voice of the Fan. This week three lucky members of our Warpaint Illustrated.com forums voice their opinion on KC's defense, Javon Walker/free agency, and fan attendance. Listen up!

True or False: The Chiefs won't make the jump into the top 10 on defense just yet, mostly due to all the youth playing this year. They need another year of seasoning before they can get into that top group.

False. Dorsey and Flowers will have an impact. "Man to man" defense has been mentioned as part of our scheme, and that's not a defense we would run if our defensive unit is equal to or worse than last season's defensive unit. Let's face it, as good as our defense was last season, if we ran man-to-man coverage our corners would have been smoked. Surtain is not even guaranteed to start at this point, and if Carr beats him out I'd say our secondary is much better than last season.

Gunther teaching our linebackers their responsibilities can only make them better than last season. Dorsey getting penetration up the middle will have a domino effect on the rest of the line and our defensive ends will play better because of it. Any kind of penetration Dorsey generates would be an upgrade over last season. I see our defense as being equal to last year's, and that's a worst-case scenario.

Nick - Erie, PA.

True or False: The recent off-the-field trouble with Javon Walker is proof positive that the Chiefs did a great job steering clear of overpriced free agents this offseason.

False. There are always some good value players in free agency and I'm not so sure the Chiefs wouldn't delve into free agency if the player was there. After all, Herm said he'd like guys just getting out of their first/rookie contract.

Javon Walker is just proving that he was probably more of the problem that got his teammate killed in Denver, and we'll never know the full story on any of it. Javon is apparently following the Pacman Jones playbook and he'll wind up unemployed, especially after he came out and gave an interview on how he was robbed in his hotel room in Vegas and taken out on the street, etc. It was way too far fetched if you've been to any of these casinos/hotels in Vegas.

John - Sioux City, IA

True or False: Fans should feel justified in staying away from Arrowhead Stadium this year due to the rebuilding of the team and last year's poor record.

True. Frankly, I would prefer the fair weather fans stay away. If they simply can't stomach the team losing, I'd rather not see them at Arrowhead to boo all the young players.

When Marty Schottenheimer arrived in 1989, a whole new breed of Chiefs fans discovered Arrowhead. I think those fans have become jaded and bitter over the last 5-10 years. During the losing streak last year, Tim Grunhard said he thought it was time to rebuild the team, and it might also be time to rebuild the fan base.

Maybe its time to sweep out all the bitter, jaded fans and bring in new, excited fans who want to watch a young team built from the ground up. The more I read the comments from fans who are always bashing the team, the more I think Grunhard was right.

David - Chanute, KS

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