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Open your ears! You're about to hear the Voice of the Fan. This week three lucky members of our Warpaint Illustrated.com forums voice their opinion on KC's offensive line, training camp location, and division championships. Listen up!

True or False: The Chiefs have assembled enough talent along the offensive line to field a competitive unit in 2008.

True. It seems like everyone is not expecting much out of this team, and rightfully so, I guess. What I'm thinking, however, is that this line is going to be much more improved. Here is my reasoning.

First off, one name improves this line 10-fold, Branden Albert. With this big guy anchoring the left side of the line, this will vastly improve Brodie's chances of actually getting a pass off. Now we all know about Waters at left gurd, but one interesting aspect that I have thought about is, let's think about the past couple of years. Waters has been the most vocal player by far about how terrible our line has been. His morale has been way down, which causes lapses in his play. With our new younger guys in there already playing at an NFL level, Waters will feel compelled to step his game up.

Now, we don't know a whole lot about Rudy Niswanger, but I think we all know this kid will get the job done; hey, there's nothing like an LSU prospect. At the right guard spot, I think that we go with Jones or Taylor here. Anything is better than Welbourn. And finally, at right tackle, we have Damion McIntosh, who did a great job, in my opinion, at left tackle last year. He really wants to play left tackle, but that spot has been filled. And let's not forget about Barry Richardson either.

Ben – Columbia, MO.

True or False: The Chiefs would be better off staying in Wisconsin for training camp.

True. I like that this atmosphere takes them away from the "Big City" and makes them stay in college dorms, this is good for our players. It keeps them together, it also makes the players more accessible to the fans. River Falls has great weather, and they are close to the Vikings. I do think they are better off having to stay together for the entire camp, though.

Barry – St. Louis, MO.

True or False: The Chiefs will win a division championship within the next four years.

True. For the Chargers, in four years LaDainian Tomlinson will either have hit the wall or have retired, Jamal Williams will be gone, Antonio Gates will be on the decline, as will Chris Chambers. Their offense will go downhill, and their defense will age before they can fix it.

The Broncos will start losing offensive linemen. Champ Bailey, Dre Bly, and John Lynch will be gone. I'm sure others will have retired as well. I think their offense will pick up, but their defense will fall apart.

The Raiders will be up a creek without a paddle. Russell might end up being a bust, and his contract is going to cripple their cap. All the money they spent on Javon Walker probably went down the drain. DeAngelo Hall will hate it there. I think they tried to get out of the basement this year, but just ended up spinning their tires in the mud.

The Chiefs will have a defensive unit in its prime (Dorsey, Carr, Flowers, Hali, Tank, Johnston, Page, Pollard, Morgan and Johnson) along with whatever free agents or draftees we bring in. The offense will click when we find another wide receiver, and I think we'll have a Parker/Bettis type duo in Charles and Johnson. Croyle will sink or swim, and we'll either have a new quarterback or Croyle will be lighting it up.

Also, it comes at a perfect time as Brady and Manning will likely hang it up around that time, so the AFC will be wide open for a new dominant team.

Thomas - Illinois.

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